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VIVO CASE-V07 Review


VIVO CASE-V07 Conclusion:

I wasn't sure what to expect at first, since VIVO is known more for monitor mounts, TV mounts, and other non-computer case-related hardware. However, I am not disappointed. The CASE-V07 hits the sweet spot between afforability and features. Not long ago, case designers had to squeeze out as much space as possible for 3.5" hard drives. Now that solid state and M.2 drives have become mainstream, space has opened up for case designers. Plus, as optical drives are slowly being phased out and liquid cooling support gains popularity, case layouts have evolved to use this freed up space. The V07 seems to be sort of in that transitional phase. It still has a spot for an optical drive and a couple of the old 3.5" drives, but isn't full of the associated hard drive cages and support structures that really get in the way and take up valuable space.

Many cases now incorporate a cover over the power supply area and this can be sort of a love / hate relationship. On one hand, you get the ability to hide any stray power cables, which is important, particularly if you have a non-modular power supply. The PSU cover makes for a clean, slick looking build that really helps with cable management. That is the love part. Now for the hate - you know that neighborhood-light-dimming 1500 watt killer power supply you dropped a ton of money on? You can't show off what is covered up. Now that may not be a showstopper, but it is still something to consider.

Overall, I think you are getting a really good value with the V07. It can handle motherboard form factors that range from a mini-ITX up to a full ATX. The fit and finish are at a quality level that I would expect from a seasoned veteran in the case business. The stock fans are not loud at all, and you do have space to add more fans at the top of the case and on top of the power supply cover. There are filters to keep the dust out, and decent room to build a nice gaming rig, workstation, or just a daily driver.

The VIVO CASE-V07 retails at the $50 mark, and for a case this size and quality, it is a good value. The V07 will leave money in the bank and that means more cash to put towards other components. If you are looking for a great case for your next build, make sure you check out the V07 from VIVO!



  • VGA card length up to 380mm
  • CPU cooler height up to 161mm
  • Supports up to three water cooling radiators (x2 240mm and x1 120mm)
  • Filtered front and power supply ventilation
  • Cable management space
  • Thumb screw mounted side panels for easy access
  • Large side window
  • Power supply/HDD chamber with excellent ventilation
  • Great price



  • PSU cover can hide a fancy power supply that you may want to show off


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