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VIVO CASE-V07 Review

Price: $55

VIVO CASE-V07 Introduction:

VIVO makes an impressive array of computer monitor and TV mounts, TV carts, projector screens and mounts, height adjustable desks, network cables and... (wait for it) beekeeping accessories! But there is one more thing that VIVO makes and that is what we have here today - computer cases. The CASE-V07 to be more precise, and while this case comes in at around the $50 mark, I think you will see that it has a lot to offer and can give more expensive cases some real competition.

There are currently nine other mid-tower cases in the VIVO line up, and the CASE-VO7 is the first VIVO case I have had the opportunity to get my hands on. VIVO also threw in a nice magnetic, blue LED light kit (LED-V02), so we will take a look at that, too.


VIVO CASE-V07 Closer Look:

The front fascia of the case is covered by a fine pitch perforated black mesh and has a slightly concave shape that continues from top to bottom. There is one removable panel if you want to add a 5.25" optical drive, and if you do add one, it will require the removal of the top 120mm fan - but you will still have two fans remaining up front. Optical drives are slowly being phased out, sort of like the old floppy drives that were once on every computer. I missed the floppy drives at first, but got over it when I got my first flash drive. And really, I can hardly remember the last time I used any of my optical drives.



The top of the case has a louvered section toward the rear, and you can see the round power button on top and, of course, the large side window. The other side of the case has a solid side panel with a little bump out to help with cable management. The top has a high-gloss mirror finish.



With no power to the case, it looks dark and ominous, but just wait until we power it up. You are in for a visual treat. The rear of the case is fairly standard, with seven expansion slots and a spot to add a rear exhaust fan. The power supply mounts in the bottom of the case and there is a dust filter for the power supply fresh air intake to keep the dust out of your PSU.



With the front fascia removed, you can see the three included 120mm front blue LED fans. The top also pops off for easy access to the mounting provisions for a top 240mm radiator, or you can just add two 120mm fans if you like. The front of the case allows for a 240mm radiator, or if you are using an optical drive, you are limited to a single 120mm radiator. And of course, you can use a 120mm rear radiatior in the rear exhaust fan position.



On top of the case is where you find the I/O panel. I suppose it is not so much a panel, but more like an area with the I/O ports sort of blended into the top cover. There are two USB 2.0 ports on the left, along with the mic and headphone jacks, while the right side has the reset button, hard drive activity light (red LED), and a single USB 3.0 port. Both sides are protected by a plastic cover that can be moved to the side for access. You can't miss the large round center power button, which has a nice translucent trim ring around the button, and the ring glows with a bright blue hue when the power is on. The hardware kit includes motheboard screws and standoffs, hard drive and power supply screws, a speaker, some thumb screws, fan mount screws, and some zip ties - everything you need to get your build started.



Some more detail from inside the case. The first thing that you may notice is the separate cover or chamber for the PSU at the bottom of the case. It isolates the PSU and provides for some useful cable storage space, which translates to a cleaner build, and who doesn't want that? On the top of the PSU cover are two mounting provisions for 120mm fans. To the right are some louvers formed into the cover that allow for some air flow for the hard drive area.



Looking at the back side of the case, you can see the large sectioned-off area along the bottom for the power supply to the right and space for two 3.5" hard drives on the left. As I mentioned above, there is also some nice space to stash any extra power supply cables. If you are going with SSDs (solid state drives), there are mounting provisions for two of them to the lower left, just above the 3.5" hard drive space.


Here is the LED light kit - it comes with two 12" 9-LED light strips, two 6" 5-LED light strips, two 4-pin power cables, and two tandem cables. Each strip has a magnetic back that easily stick to any ferrous surface. The light kit definitely has an intense blue glow and lights up the interior of the case. I put the long strips under the top cover; this adds a nice effect as light from the blue LEDs peeks out from the vented mesh. I put the two shorter sections at the bottom and right side of the motherboard. This LED kit is around $20 and is a great accessory to add to this case.



The front blue LED fans look really nice as the blue glow shows through the front panel. You may also notice that the blue glow continues into the case. The light strips really light up the top section and interior of the case, so this is definitely an accessory to consider if you want to add a little visual kick.



Now it is time to take a look at the case in more detail, so click below for a video review of the VIVO CASE-V07, then come back and check out more information on the Specifications, Features, and Testing page.

  1. VIVO CASE-V07: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. VIVO CASE-V07: Specifications & Testing
  3. VIVO CASE-V07: Conclusion
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