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Vertagear S-Line SL5000 Gaming Chair Review

Price: $339.99

Vertagear S-Line SL5000 Gaming Chair Introduction:

Picking out that perfect chair for your computing needs can be as simple as picking up the cheapest $29.99 "office" chair you can find or as complex as trying every chair in multiple stores until you find the one that is juuuust right for you. Kind of reminds you of Goldilocks in the bear's cabin. Typically, I look for a chair that is robust enough to last more than six months and fits my larger than average frame. Unfortunately that means I can't just shop the bargain chair department. Those chairs end up with cracks in the base or a failed cylinder in short order.

Gaming-specific or racing style chairs have not really been on my radar, but Vertagear is looking to make a splash in the racing style gaming seat market with its S-Line SL series gaming chairs. The chairs are available in differing configurations, including the SL2000, SL4000, and the SL5000 that I will be looking at today. While the SL2000 and SL4000 are offered in multiple colors, the SL5000 is offered in Carbon Black only. This seat is built using a high quality steel frame, high quality fasteners, and a Class 4 gas strut to ensure you reach the end of the two-year warranty period without seeing any issues.

Pricing on the SL5000 comes in at roughly $340 USD, putting it at about mid range in the pricing structure for racing style gaming chairs. Let's take a quick look at the chair and see how it handles through some extended usage scenarios.

Vertagear S-Line SL5000 Gaming Chair Closer Look:

As you can imagine, the Vertagear S-Line SL5000 comes in a fairly large box, much like any other chair you would buy. While beat up a bit by the delivery company, the chair came through unscathed thanks to how it is packed in the box. Pulling each of the pieces out of the box in order you have the back, the seat, lumbar and neck support pillows, and the accessory kit. Looking at the accessory kit you get the hardware and tools needed to put the S-Line SL5000 together, Class 4 support cylinder that supports up to 330 pounds, covers, and seat mount. Pretty much everything you need to build the chair. Vertagear put together a short installation video for the consumer to view. Even though the video states that the content is based around the PL6000 series seat, the basic steps apply to the S-Line SL5000.



The last part of the bundle of accessories are the head rest and lumbar support pillows. The headrest pillow attaches to the S-Line SL5000 by way of an elastic strap that slides over the top of the back support. It can be adjusted to fit the majority of individuals, including my 6-foot, 2-inch frame. The Vertagear "V" logo is embossed on the front of this comfort added option. The lumber support is slightly larger and also is attached by way of elastic straps that go under the back support and through the seat belt loops. Again we get a Vertagear logo on the front of the lumbar cushion, but this time it is the script instead of just the logo. A plastic fastner is used to hold the strap together and allow the user to position the lumbar pillow in a position that best suits the end user.




The S-Line SL5000 is built to evoke the fit, feel, and function of a racing style automotive seat without the steel cocoon that normally surrounds a seat of this style. The back rest and seat are shipped as separate parts you put together to form the base of the chair. Vertagear uses a Carbon Black synthetic leather as the chosen seat covering for the S-Line SL5000 gaming chair. The seat back and seat feature large bolsters that will keep you in place while gaming. The seat back has openings at the top that would allow you to adapt your own five point harness to the chair if you feel the need to be secure. If not, the head rest pillow and lumbar support will loop through these openings just fine. The underside of the seat has added support in the form of webbing to keep you from falling through the seat. High quality hex head fasteners are used to secure all of the pieces together. Vertagear does include all of the hex keys needed to assemble the SL5000.

The armrest bases can be moved to support your body width and at the widest setting were perfect for me. Each of the arm rests feature four points of movement in addition to the rise and fall of the arms. The arms slide up and down, in and out, forward and back to deliver the fit you need. A single spring on the right side of the seat base provides assistance when you return the seat back from a reclined position using the lever just ahead of the spring. This lever is where you adjust the front to rear bias of the seat back. The seat back reclines up to 80 degrees from vertical and 170 degrees from horizontal.




Fully assembled, the S-Line SL5000 tips the scales at 44 pounds, is 52.4 - 57" tall with seating measurements of 20 inches across at the shoulders, 12 inches wide at the lumbar support area, 15 inches wide at the seat rising to 17 inches at the top of the side bolsters, and has a seat depth of just over 23 inches. The Class 4 cylinder and base can support up to a 330 pound load. That way all the big kids can take up residence in this gaming chair without fear of a cylinder base or wheel failure.


The only way to figure out how this chair will fit is to put my behind in it and start the usage testing.

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  2. Vertagear S-Line SL5000 Gaming Chair: Specifications & Features
  3. Vertagear S-Line SL5000 Gaming Chair: Conclusion
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