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Verre V770 Black with Window Review

GF City Computers
Price: $65 USD


As with many of our other technological advances, even computer cases have evolved quite a bit asthetically. From our dull, beige-coloured cases to multi-coloured ones complete with side windows, case manufacturers continue to improve on the quality of their appearance on the cases, fueling the pride of hardcore computer owners/users as well as making the computer appear to be more than "just a simple-looking machine". This time I am taking a look at the Verre V770 Black case, that also includes a side window for your viewing pleasure.

The box!

The case, photo taken with flash


  • Acrylic Front Panels
  • Side Window
  • Four 5.25" External Drive Bays
  • Two 3.5" External Drive Bays
  • Four 3.5" Internal Drive Bays
  • 2 Front USB Slots
  • Front Line-Out and Microphone-In Jacks
  • Two 80mm Rear Exhaust Fan Spots
  • Two 80mm Front Intake Fan Spots
  • Includes "Excellent XPower" 350W Power Supply
  • The package also includes a box containing a power supply cable, a baggie of screws, as well as a PC speaker.


    Not front! (Err.. Back!)

    As the low price would suggest, this case is not a light one, although no where near the weight of an Antec server tower. You could consider this to be the average weight of a typical computer case.

    Bottom of front pane
    (Taken after items installed)

    The front features panel, closed

    Opened, it reveals USB, and audio jacks. The FireWire indentation is probably for future models

    The front consists of a large power switch, plus a reset switch on the lower portion of the "ring" surrounding the power switch. Right below it are the standard Power and IDE LEDs, and further below that is the front panel that houses two USB slots, and line-out and microphone jacks. If you look closely, you'll also notice an indentation that is shaped like a FireWire jack. This is probably for future models of the case.

    Inside View

    Front Intake Fan Spots

    Drive Bays!

    Looking into the case, we see the room for all the drives. Should someone ever have the need to use all the drive bays in a case this small, there's room for them all here! Another missing feature that would be really convenient is the inclusion of drive rails, instead of having to open both side panels to install new drives.

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