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VANTEC Stealth Fans review

Price: $10.49 - $12.49


Today we will be looking at the Stealth fan series from Vantec. Which are designed to be 80% quieter that standard case fans. I know I sometimes get tired of listening to the noise of my fans. Well, the Vantec fans will hopefully solve that problem. These fans include a 3-pin to 4-pin adapter and a set of 4 screws.


  • 60x60x25mm (2.36x2.36x0.98 inches)
  • Power Input: 0.96W
  • Fan Speed: 2600RPM
  • Air Flow: 12CFM
  • Noise: 20dBA

  • SF8025L
  • 80x80x25mm (3.15x3.15x0.98 inches)
  • Power Input: 1.2W
  • Fan Speed: 2050RPM
  • Air Flow: 27CFM
  • Noise: 21dBA

  • SF9225L
  • 92x92x25mm (3.62x3.62x0.98 inches)
  • Power Input: 0.84W
  • Fan Speed: 1750RPM
  • Air Flow: 28CFM
  • Noise: 20dBA

  • All three fans feature double ball bearings and are rated at 12V.

    The installation of these Vantec fans is very strait forward. If your replacing your old fans start off by removing those first. Hold the fan in the location you want to mount it. Place the four included screws in the mounting holes and tighten in place. To power these fans you have two choices. You can either use the included 3-pin to 4-pin adapter and power them off your power supply, or plug them into the 3-pin fan headers on a motherboard. I ran the fans in both configurations. The only plus with the 3-pin is speed detection. Also, you wont have to worry about blowing out a fan header on your motherboard with these fans. Because, all three fans have a very low current draw.

    I replaced the 92mm and 80mm Antec fans in my server case with these Vantec Stealth fans. I also replaced the 60mm fan on the heatsink with the Vantec model. The noise reduction was great, my server was now quiet. The only draw back was changing my CPU fan. My CPU temp went up an average of 5 degrees. No big deal to me though. As this system is not overclocked and the reduction in noise is worth rise in temperature.

    Great set of fans! If your looking to quiet down your computer, these are the ticket. Even though they are quiet they still provide great air flow.�

    We would like to thank XPCGear.com for these fans to review!

    • Very, very quiet
    • Low power requirements

    • None

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