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Vantec Sleeving Kit Review

Price: $14.95 USD

Are you tired of the boring old PSU unit wires that run throughout your case or the ugly black loom you're using? If so, we may have found a product that can help spice up the inside of your case, the Vantec Cable Sleeving Kit. This fine piece of work comes to us from the renowned Vantec Thermal Technologies, Inc, and we'll be taking a closer look at the kit today.

Company Bio
Founded in 1994, Vantec is recognized as one of the premier thermal solutions leaders. We are devoted to manufacturing and developing total PC solutions for every computer user, from mainstream to enthusiast. Utilizing our technical expertise and innovative designs, we are constantly expanding our product line to offer advanced computer peripheral to meet the personal and industrial needs of modern computer users. Our primary goal is to create viable solutions to satisfy the consumer�s needs. Offering complete and affordable ways to upgrade and maintain your personal computer, Vantec is a name you can trust for quality and reliability.

At Vantec, our mission is to produce the best thermal solutions on the market. Vantec produces quality products that help you keep your system cool. Adhering to the theory of both form and functionality, Vantec has the end-user�s best interest in mind. Though the computer scene is constantly changing, you can rely on Vantec to provide quality components to improve, enhance, and insure your computing experience.

  • Protect your cables and wires
  • Reduce mess and clutter inside your case
  • Improve airflow while reducing heat

  • What's Included
    10 ft. - 1/8" sleeving
    10 ft. - 1/4" sleeving
    5 ft. - 3/8" sleeving
    5 ft. - 1/2" sleeving
    10 - tie wraps
    1 ft. - 9mm Heatshrink Tubing
    1 ft. - 20mm Heatshrink Tubing
    6 in. - 25mm Heatshrink Tubing

    In-Depth Look

    Vantec's kit arrived to me safely stowed away in a box full of styrofoam chips. The kit itself is packaged in clamshell-sealed plastic. Though this ensures good shipping, and nothing falling out, it also makes repackaging the kit impossible, because you have to tear it apart to get anything out. With Vantec's trademark colors and sleek design, its easy to pick out who makes this product just by looking at it.

    There's everything in a neat little package. Let me tell you, with a total of 30 feet of cable sleeving, this is more then enough for an entire PSU, with enough left over for fans and anything else you could think of. The cable comes in 4 different sizes, and the heatshrink in 3. This ensures the best fit for the different bundles of cables in your computer.


    Matt Mantle's Thoughts
    Word of warning - the kit DOES NOT come with the tools necessary to sleeve a power supply. You may think you can get away with tweezers, staples, tiny screwdrivers and a lot of time, but take it from someone who tried - its TOO MUCH hassle to do this. If you're looking to do this sleeving project, find a place for the right tools. That being said, with more then enough sleeving to get the job done and then some, and a wide variety of colour choices to suit your every need, and your choice of either UV or non-UV reactive sleeving, the Vantec Sleeving Kit is a great one for users looking to mod their PSU, or clean up the rats nest inside their computer. You can find a ATX power plug remover tool over at FrozenCPU.

    Matt Cameron's Thoughts
    It's really too bad Vantec did not include all of the required tools within the kit to complete the project. I found a tool over at FrozenCPU, thanks to Kyle at HardOCP. FrozenCPU.com says this $10 will make removing molex connectors an absolute breeze. I'm sure the reason why Vantec did not include such a tool is because they want to keep the price down of the kit. This is understandable but I would rather pay a few bucks more to have all the necessary tools for the project. The tool issue aside, I would still recommend the Vantec Sleeving kit because it's priced lower than other sleeving kits I've seen.


    • More then enough sleeving
    • Excellent cost
    • Wide variety of colors
    • UV reactive (choice kits)


    • No tools included!

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