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Vantec Tornado 80mm 84.1CFM fan review

Price: $11.95


I'm always looking for the bigger, better, and faster computer fans. The black label delta fan was one of my favorite heatsink fans, up until the the Sunon 80mm 50.2cfm hit the market. Now, there is a newer fan on the market called the Vantec Tornado. Just as the name implies, this fan is really a tornado! It blows out 84.1 cfm of air, which is unbelievable for it's size! However, there is always a price to pay when you have a fan blowing that much air out. The dBa of this fan is rated at 55.2 dBa which is about 11 dBa louder than the delta fan which is 42.5 dBa. If your not sure how loud this is, you can compare it to a blow dryer on high speed. With that being said, the Vantec Tornado fan isn't for the weak at heart.

What you get

  • 80mm fan
  • Bag of screws (4)
  • Fan grill!

    I'm not 100% sure what the four screws are for, but my guess would be for mounting the fan to a heatsink. Then again, they didn't fit the heatsink I installed the fan on. More about that, later on in the review.


    Dimension 80X80X38 mm
    Weight 175 g
    Rated Voltage 12v
    Rated Power 9.1 W
    Rated Current 0.76 Amp
    Fan Speed 5700 RPM
    Air Flow 84.1 CFM
    Noise 55.2 dB(A)
    Bearing System Double Ball Bearing

    Closer look

    The Vantec Tornado came in the box, you see here. The orange sticker at the top indicates which fan model you have. There is a 80mm model and also a 92mm model! The 92mm model is a very impressive fan that blows 119cfm and the price to pay is, 56.4dBa. As the box says, it has dual ball bearings so that the fan will last longer. If the fan does go bad you can take Vantec up on their Lifetime warranty offer.
  • Vantec has included a chrome fan grill with this fan. I'm really glad they did, other wise they would have a lot of people suing them for broken fingers 

    Here is another view of the fan, with the fan grill off.

    This fan isn't your standard size 80mm fan. It is actually 1/4th bigger in depth. Here is a picture comparing it to the Smart Fan 2, found on the Volcano 9 heatsink.

    Because the Tornado fan is so much bigger than the Smart Fan 2, it posed a problem when I started to install the Tornado fan on the Volcano 9 heatsink. The screws on the Volcano 9 was designed for the standard size 80mm fan, and because of this they are too short. However, I did get the Tornado fan to stay on the Volcano 9 heatsink. It was a sloppy way to do it, but it seems to work. I'll have to make a run to the hardware store tomorrow and pick up some screws that are longer.


    Test Rig

  • Abit KG7
  • Athlon XP 2200+
  • Crucial 512MB PC2100 DDR Memory
  • Geforce 3 ti 500
  • SB Live X-Gamer
  • Windows XP

    Our testing method:

    To get the idle results, I turned off the computer and allowed the system to cool for a few mins. Then I booted up in to windows and allowed the system to idle for 10mins before writing down the results.
    I got the load temperature by running two [email protected] programs while running a SiSoft Burn-in test.
    I used a comp-u-nurse temp probe to get the temperature readings.

  • This test shows that the Vantec Tornado 80mm fan made the CPU about 4�c cooler under both load and idle.

    I think the 55.2dBA noise level is worth hearing for such a big difference in temperature. The noise difference between the Vantec Tornado and the Black Label Delta fan is only about 11dBA, but the cfm of the Vantec Tornado is 47cfm more than the Delta fan. There is more cfm difference between the two, than what the Delta fan can offer by itself! If your an extreme overclocker that doesn't care about noise, then I would highly recommend this fan to you! As I said, this fan isn't for the weak at heart, because the 55.2dBa noise level could drive you insane if your not use to it.

    If your not looking to buy this for your heatsink but rather to use as a case fan, I would recommend you buying the 92mm fan if you have the room for it for three reasons. 1) The noise level between the two are only like 4dBA. 2) The 92mm blows 119cfm. 3) They cost the same.

    I'd like to thank Case-Mod.com for providing us this fan to review!

    • Very good cooling!
    • Dropped load and idle temps by 4�c
    • RPM Monitor support

    • Very loud!
    • Larger depth could pose a problem when installing on a heatsink

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