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Motion DSP vReveal Software Review



I went into this thinking that vReveal was going to fail. I was wrong. With the exception of the "Bug Video," it greatly improved everything that was thrown at it. MotionDSP did an extremely good job at making vReveal easy to use as well. In just about every test, One Click Fix did a better job improving the videos than I did. In some of them, I ended up ruining what Once Click Fix had improved. Then again, this is just me. The chances are that when it comes to videos, you'll be able to edit circles around me. While this may sound corny, but I'm giving vReveal two Gigantic Thumbs Up! vReveal will be great for anyone looking to get into video editing and for those that are cursed with taking horrible videos, vReveal will work AMAZINGLY well for you!

Another great thing about vReveal is its ability to utilize CUDA. The processor may be considered the most important part of a computer, but a program such as vReveal will put a lot of load on your CPU, which means you won't be able to use that processing power for something else. The GPU's ability to take most of this load is a great addition to any program, and I'm glad MotionDSP used it for vReveal. On top of that, having your GPU enabled means you'll notice better quality, more FPS, and faster save times. Though if your video is only 30 seconds long, the save time will only decrease by a few seconds. If you're using longer videos you'll notice a much better improvement. If you're using ATI, or just don't have a CUDA-enabled video card, MotionDSP didn't leave you out. vReveal will work with just about any CPU, but then again if you're still using a Pentium 3 or older, editing a 10 second video might take hours.

I really cannot think of anything bad to say about this program. There was purple in one video, which was a little bit weird. However, it did so incredibly well in the other videos that it cancels out one minor failure. Motion DSP, you definitely made a winner here!

You can try out vReveal for a free 30 day trial.



  • One Click Fix
  • Easy to use
  • Utilizes CUDA technology
  • Fast editing
  • Works way better than I thought
  • User friendly
  • Can be used with just CPU
  • Supports XP and up



  • Purple in one video


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