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UtechSmart Gaming Mice Roundup Review


UtechSmart Gaming Mice Conclusion:

UtechSmart 8200:

Overall, you can tell from the rest of the review that I took a stronger liking for the UtechSmart 8200. I won't say it's my favorite mouse of all time, but between the two it's the clear winner. The affordability of both mice bodes well, but in the end the reflecting quality for either mouse doesn't really scream fair to its price tag. Unfortunately at this price range there isn't much on the current market that I would go crazy for. There aren't too many options even at this seemingly "high" price for a mouse. I will say it is a great option, though in longevity it's hard to say, as the review doesn't allow me to say/show how long it will last.

A lot depends here on what you really want in a mouse. Comfort, some custom options, and some glowy features are all clear winners on this mouse. It comes out of the box configured in a usable setup and works just as you'd expect any mouse to work. The optional driver software allows you to play a little more to tweak it into something you can desire. Button options, colors, and, most importantly, the varied DPI settings for varied games.

Though I wouldn't usually jump out to buy something with a seemingly "off-brand" name, this mouse is surprisingly nice. For the $40 price range there isn't much there to compete with similar options. There are a couple CM Storm mice and even some Steelseries options in this price range that just don't compete button wise. In my honest opinion, this UtechSmart 8200 is quite the nice find, especially as an upgrade from a two button Dell mouse.



  • Works when you plug it in (no drivers needed)
  • Comfortable and easy to use for hours without fatigue
  • Braided cable
  • Adjustable weight
  • Optional drivers to change button programming and COLORS!!



  • Not really 16 million colors as advertised
  • Small logo isn't as fun to set color to - rather have just the logo than text
  • $38 is still a lot of money for a mouse




UtechSmart 8000:

Although the UtechSmart 8000 didn't have as many features as the 8200 mouse, it still fought hard in this battle of the mice. Its price range puts it in a completely different category with some very basic two button options. It does excel in this range with the number of options it has, but when it comes down to it, no matter how cheap the price, there is an eventual cutoff for something I'd buy.

Unfortunately the UtechSmart 8000 falls below this mark as something I'd buy. Sure it has some programmable features, but the shape of the mouse and overall comfort come forward to defeat these things (at least for me). The awkward button locations as well as the most ridiculous pre-set button settings I've seen makes this mouse useless to me out of the box. If I needed something quick on the go, I'd find anything else. The glowy logo and the DPI settings don't sell me this mouse. The mouse just falls short in an attempt to be cheap by being the literal definition of cheap crap.



  • Works like a mouse (wow!)
  • Cheaper ($30)
  • Braided cable
  • Adjustable weight



  • Feels a little cheap - buttons are plasticy
  • Pre-programmed button functions are STUPID
  • Color from screen to mouse are very different
  • Overall shape not the most ergonomic
  • Glossy touch becomes sweaty and less grippy over time
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