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UtechSmart Gaming Mice Roundup Review


UtechSmart Gaming Mice Closer Look (The Software):


UtechSmart 8200:

The software for the UtechSmart 8200 mouse is pretty basic; only three pages to manage your settings. The first of the pages is the "Main Settings" page, which allows you to set button options for all five profiles. The default button options are shown on the image below. Though your mouse doesn't look like the graphic itself (all glossy and fancy with near tiger scrape glows), it's easy enough to figure out what buttons are referencing what. You can change things to almost anything you can imagine.












The "Advanced Settings" tab allows you to customize your mouse speed, scroll speed, and double click speed separate from your Windows settings. You can even change your polling rate and sensitivity settings here for the X and Y axis. You can also step up or step down your DPI settings.


The final page allows you the most fun - color changes! Despite the features/specifications offering 16 million color options, the software only allows you to select from this six by four block of colors. I will say changing just the logo on the mouse does at least flash quickly and doesn't take as much time as some of the other color changing mice on the market. It's a relatively instant change, and like most Americans you can be instantly gratified.


UtechSmart 8000:

The software for the UtechSmart 8000 has about the same features in a slightly different format with an interestingly colored GUI. The "Main" page allows you to set your button options on both profile options. Here you can also change the acceleration, mouse point speed, scroll speed, and of course the double click speed as well with a test box. You can save and load profile options at the bottom so you can have options on the go. The polling rate has options to switch between, as well, with the default set to 500Hz. The "DPI" page allows you to set X and Y axis DPI for all four saved DPI settings per profile. Set them exactly how you want. The defaults for the profiles are shown in the screen below.



The light option is the penultimate tab. Here you have a quite a few standard colors as well as the full HEX spectrum of codes to apply. The drop down custom color box is a little laggy in response but you can get just about any color you can imagine. I will say though that the color on the screen versus the actual LED coloring are quite different. I picked army green on the screen and ended up with a rather flamboyant sea foam green on the mouse. With some tweaking I'm sure you'll get the final color you want; might just take some practice. The very last tab allows for you to find quick contact info without going to the UtechSmart website. It does have a link to the website for support as well as software updates as they come out. If nothing else you can check what version you are running for troubleshooting.


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  2. UtechSmart Gaming Mice Roundup Closer Look (The Mice)
  3. UtechSmart Gaming Mouse Roundup Closer Look (The Software)
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