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UtechSmart Gaming Mice Roundup Review

Price: $29.99, $37.99

UtechSmart Gaming Mice Introduction:

It's that time again for another mouse review! Today we'll take a look at two mice from a company you may not have heard of before: UtechSmart. The two mice are actually similar to mice that companies Anker and Perixx also brand and sell; identical in appearance, but the UtechSmart actually saves the wallet a few dollars. So you might see these two I'm about to share with you from other companies, but let's stay specific here as these two are both from UtechSmart: the UtechSmart 8200DPI Precision Laser Gaming Mouse with nine programmable buttons, adjustable weight, and 8000DPI; and the UtechSmart 8000 DPI High Precision Laser Gaming mouse mouse with eleven programmable buttons, adjustable weight, and 8200DPI. Each mouse has its own small features to brag about, which I'll cover throughout the review. The key part of this review will be the affordability of each of these mice at $29.99 and $37.99, respectively.

As a side note, or rather a note of clarification: Since the naming of each mouse isn't too unique other than the 8200 DPI versus 8000 DPI portion, I will in short refer to them as such – the UtechSmart 8200 and the UtechSmart 8000 respectively. This will keep us both straight in the discussion ahead.


UtechSmart Gaming Mice Closer Look:

The boxes the UtechSmart mice are packaged in is your simple plastic shell with a cardboard box. I will say it is a unique box rather in its style than its physical appearance. Most mice boxes have a plastic shell holding the mouse so that you can see it from some cutout window in the box. Then the box usually opens up at the top similar to a standard cereal box and then you have to rip and pull at it to get it out; forget about ever putting it back in. This box on the other hand stays smart! It uses the idea of stacking to make a reasonable box. It opens more like a shoe box, pulling up from the front. A couple round stickers hold it closed on the back, but cut these away and it's (in my opinion) a perfect box. Anyway, enough about how practical the box is. The box graphics are otherwise rather simple. The 8200 comes packaged in a dull flat black while the 8000 comes in glossy black. They are near identical in packaging besides the blacks and the listed specifications on the back. It's pretty simple, but let's dive in on the mice rather than talk all day about the boxes. Wouldn't you agree?
















Pulling everything out of the boxes, there's a bit more to see than just mice and manuals. Each mouse comes with a pack of weights (in their own little tins), some warranty/user information, and the 8200 even comes with extra skates and some tweezers for your face!! (Well really, for the weights I guess, in case you can't handle the itty-bitty weights). Either which way, they both appear quite nice at first glance. They have the slightly cheaper feal to them, but really are much better than your stock Dell mouse and of course they are going to light-up; who can pass that up? I don't have preference for either one yet by appearance alone; they both are pretty neat looking. The 8200 does however have a blue and black braided cable, which I think is a little neat; but it is a darker blue, so it's not too easy to notice across your desk. Anywho, let's move on to find out more.


  1. UtechSmart Gaming Mice Roundup Introduction
  2. UtechSmart Gaming Mice Roundup Closer Look (The Mice)
  3. UtechSmart Gaming Mouse Roundup Closer Look (The Software)
  4. UtechSmart Gaming Mice Specifications & Features
  5. UtechSmart Gaming Mice Testing & Results
  6. UtechSmart Gaming Mouse Conclusion
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