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A-Byte USB/FireWire Controller Review

GF City Computers
Price: 39.99


You run out of 'space' and you are left needing more - it happens all the time. This can apply to storage space, as well as plug space. In this instance, it applies to USB/Firewire. I found myself constantly unplugging things to make room, or to use other USB devices. This set me to looking for a way to expand my USB capabilities and I discovered A-Byte - a seemingly generic manufacture of interface cards. I discovered that A-Byte make a USB/Firewire card that seemed to fit the bill. GF City Computers was kind enough to provide a sample to review and when poking around on the internet I was actually unable to find a homepage, or much reference to A-Byte, so I cannot provide you with much of a background on the company. It seems as if the company is flying 'under the radar', so to speak. I just hope that this card will perform decently, as I was unable to find much reference to the company, or their history.

Closer Look:

This card comes packed in a relatively plain box, with the company name and some card specifications printed on it. Upon opening the box, there is a disk that comes with some courtesy software (Ulead Video Studio 8), as well as the card itself in an anti-static bag. Pretty simple. However, the card was not packed that securely, as it moved around a lot in the box. It would have been nice to see a piece of foam, or something to make sure it was nice and snug.


Installing this card is as simple as it gets. Pop open your case, and insert the card into an empty PCI slot. Windows will auto detect it, so no need to install any drivers this time (older versions of Windows may require drivers from the disc). Plug your USB devices into the card and away you go.

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