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Ultra X-Pro & X-Finity 800watt Power Supplies


Closer Look Continued (Miscellaneous):
Here are the capacitors used in both PSUs.

Why is this important? The capacitors used in a particular PSU are extremely determinate in its performance. If you use junk caps, then you get junk performance. In this case, all of the caps used in both PSUs are manufactured by Teapo. Certainly not the best, but far from the worst as well.

Now for the connectors. I'm just going to use the X-Pros cables, since both the X-Finity and the X-Pro have the same amount of connectors.

There are only two PCI-E connectors, a bummer. For a high-end powerful PSU like these, I'd expect four PCI-E connectors for SLI'd 8800GTXs, which use two connections for each card. The motherboard connector is a solid 24pin connection - sorry 20pin users. But if you still use a 20pin,then you will probably never need this sort of PSU anyway. Now this is what bugged me - there are only four SATA power cables! I'd expect at least six from a PSU of this price range!

However, there are plenty of Molex connections - eight to be exact - divided on two cables. There are two floppy connectors as well.

Now here comes the cool stuff. What happens if you're running your precious computer which heats up quickly and you shut off your computer? Your components actually get hotter for a little bit before getting cooler due to the lack of flowing air. Ouch! This is where Ultra's after spin technology comes in. You can run up to two fans, one from your CPU and one case fan. Plug your CPU fan into the AST cable labeled CPU, then plug that cable into the motherboard. As for the case fan, simply plug it into the cable marked case AST; this does not plug into the motherboard. The case fan will be controlled by the PSU according to case temperatures. But this is the fun part. Turn off your computer and both fans along with the PSU will continue spinning at low RPMs! Be warned: if you are using a CPU fan that uses a four pin connector (Newer Intel Heatsinks), you will not be able to use this without modifications.

Finally, there is another cable which you can plug into your motherboard to monitor the power supply's fans. Cool stuff!

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  2. Closer Look Continued (X-Pro & X-Finity)
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  4. Closer Look Continued (Miscellaneous)
  5. Closer Look Continued (Measurements) & Installation
  6. Specifications
  7. Testing
  8. Testing Continued & Conclusion
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