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Ultra Power Partner Review

Price: $89.99



With all the holidays right around the corner, you may be getting some new gadgets for your system. What do all of the possible parts have in common? They all mean that more and more power will be sucked out of your power supply. You may be asking yourself if it is worth buying a brand new power supply to accomodate the new demands. Why would you ditch your perfectly good power supply currently in your system when you can pick up one of Ultra's new products, the Ultra Power Partner, instead? This piece of hardware is a secondary power supply that you can fit right in an empty 5.25" drive bay. With the addition of the Ultra Power Partner, you can add an extra 325 watts to your system. Let's see if this power supply can live up to the claims.



Closer Look:   

The Ultra Power Partner comes packaged in a cardboard box that displays all of the highlights of this particular power supply. The Ultra Power Partner 325 Watt ATX Power Supply is not like any other power supply that I have seen. It is very sleek and, as mentioned earlier, fits right into an empty 5.25" drive bay of your case. 









Once you open up the box, you are able to see exactly how Ultra decided to protect the Power Partner during the shipping process. Ultra wrapped the Power Partner in a plastic package that protects the power supply from being scratched, and also sandwiched it between two molded Styrofoam pieces to help keep it in place and prevent dents. Included in the box is the instructions and a second plastic package that includes the expansion slot bracket that allows you to feed the power wire safely out of the case and a bag of screws to mount the Ultra Power Partner. 



When you take the Ultra Power Partner out of the plastic packaging, you can see that the unit has a great little shine to it. There is one 24-pin adapter cable, two 4-pin and 6-pin connectors and one 8-pin connector. The back side of the unit has two fans blowing the hot air out of the power supply, this is also where you plug the A/C power cable into and there is an on/off switch located on this side as well. The front is very simple looking with just a mesh material and Ultra's logo.



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