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Ultra ChillTec Thermo Electric Cpu Cooler

Price: $149.00


    Peltier, que diable est cela? Or Peltier, what the heck is that? No, not a French lesson but a new Cooler developed by Ultra. Peltier Coolers or Thermo-Electric coolers (as they are more commonly known), use solid-state active heat pumps capable of transferring heat from one side of a device to the other.

Is a pre-built thermal electric cooler worth the extra expense? Thermo Electric Coolers (TEC) have been around for quite some time and even during the time of the first generation Pentium CPU, TEC's were widely available and could be installed and used as a regular heatsink. The older TEC’s were combination peltier/heatsinks, just as the Ultra Chill-TEC cooler I will be reviewing in this article is.

One problem with TEC's are that they require power and also can put out 200W of heat, which will be dispersed into your case. So if you don’t have sufficient air flow, this can produce more harm than good. There are advantages to having a TEC, in that it cools below ambient air temperatures, they are solid state and do not have any moving parts which require maintenance, making them more reliable.

Ultra Products are a global technology-solutions provider, based in Fletcher Ohio, whose mission is to be the best provider of technology-solutions in the global market. Ultra ensures that by offering superior, innovative products and a high level of customer service, its customers will receive exceptional value in everything they do.

Closer Look:

    The Ultra Chill-TEC comes very nicely packaged and catches your eye right away. It immediately gained my interest on seeking more information about the package contents.




  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look Continued (Components)
  3. Closer Look & Installation
  4. Installation Continued
  5. Specifications and Functions
  6. Testing
  7. Conclusion
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