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Tuniq TX-4 Thermal Grease Review



As any cooling enthusiast knows, you have to have good heat transfer between your processor and cooler. Aside from lapping the processor and heatsink (a task a majority of users wouldn’t be up for), the best way to ensure adequate heat transfer is with thermal paste. In the realm of PC cooling, every degree counts, and as we saw here the Tuniq TX-4 beats out the competition in cooling capability.

Surprisingly, it is not purely the cooling capability that comes into concern when buying thermal paste. While applying the paste, I encountered two annoyances. The first being the hard-plastic TIM spreader included with the TX-4; being hard plastic, it doesn’t flex with the slightest of pressure and thus will often scrape the grease instead of spreading it. The second annoyance was the viscosity of the paste; being so thick, it was extremely hard to apply evenly (especially with the shortcomings of the TIM spreader).

In the end, however, 99% of enthusiasts will look at what thermal paste offers the best performance and amongst these three top-of-the-line pastes, the Tuniq TX-4 offers the best heat transfer. If you’re looking to squeeze every degree out of your enthusiast cooling system, then look no further than the Tuniq TX-4.



  • Great cooling performance
  • Non-Conductive



  • Included spreader is hard to use
  • Grease is very thick and hard to spread


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