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Tuniq TX-4 Thermal Grease Review


Closer Look:

Tuniq TX-4 comes in a white tube with the standard squeeze design. Every single thermal paste you’ll buy will come like this, but what sets the TX-4 apart is that Tuniq has included a spreader to make the application a little easier. A handy feature on the spreader is a series of boxes outlining the suggested spread area for different types of processors.
















Using any other paste that does not include its own spreader, I simply take an old credit card and spread it on with that. Aside from that, some manufacturer instructions for thermal paste will specifically have you not spread it by hand and let the pressure distribute it. It’s a debatable issue, but being that I personally prefer hand-spreading, the inclusion of a spreader is a novel idea.

Moving onto the actual application, I found the whole TX-4 package to be a less than desirable spreading experience. To start, the “TIM spreader” is made of a hard plastic and does not flex at all during application. It might be that I’ve just gotten used to applying with credit cards, but I found myself scraping off thermal grease instead of spreading it. My only other grievance is with the viscosity of the grease itself — this stuff is thick. You have to be very patient, and only apply very light pressure, otherwise you’re just going to scrape around (even with a softer spreader card).


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