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Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme Review



Although this cooler performed well and offered good performance, I did have a little bit of a gripe with the installation process. For one thing, the positive stop method of holding the heatsink used on the original Tuniq tower was abandoned on this refresh. It could have been because of the bad reputation of the brass screws that would strip or break outright. Even so, a positive stop type of mount would have been better. I still wonder why there is a slot for a screwdriver on top of the thumbscrews, considering that there is only about a half an inch above them before the bottom end of the heatsink begins. I thought I may have been installing the cooler wrong, considering its difficulty, but I was following the provided instructions. As I stated previously, this process would have been much easier with the motherboard out of the case, but I and a lot of other people probably aren't willing to deal with that process if the case they are working with has access to the rear of the motherboard.

Besides that, the cooler is attractive and offers a nice blue glow while in operation, and the included fan controller is a nice feature. While running at full speed, the fan is audible, but not distracting. Direct contact cooling has been a proven technology and this refresh of the venerable Tuniq Tower bares this out. Minus the difficult installation, the Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme performed just as well as I expected it to, and didn't let me down with its performance.



  • Good performance for its price
  • Direct contact heatpipe design
  • Included fan controller
  • Low noise
  • Large size
  • Quiet



  • Difficult installation while done inside the case
  • Difficult to achieve even pressure on CPU, resulting in higher temperatures
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