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Tuniq Miniplant 950W Review

Price: $229.99


With the release of some of the newer processors, as well as the release of some newer and more power hungry GPUs and other components that you may be putting inside of your computer, you may be wondering if you are going to be able to power all of them with your current power supply, or if it's finally time to upgrade it. That's when you may turn to Tuniq's Miniplant power supply. This power supply is the standard power supply size and is rated to deliver you a maximum of 950W. This must be how Tuniq named it, it is able to deliver your a large amount of power and still conforms to the standard PS2 power supply size. I am interested in seeing what this power supply looks like, as well as how stable the rails are going to be able to run.  

Closer Look:  

When you take a look at the front of the packaging that encases the Tuniq Miniplant 950W Powersupply, you are able to see that it is very simple and straight to the point. Right in the middle of the package is a large picture of the Miniplant, with a washed out, enlarged picture directly behind it. In the lower right hand corner, you are able to see the address to Tuniq's website, where are able to read through the specifications and other information about the Miniplant and other products by Tuniq. In the top left hand corner, you can see all of the information about the Miniplant that you need to know to identify it; such as it being a 950W powersupply at the standard PS2 size. When you take a look at the back of the package, you can see the main features that Tuniq decided to display to the customer, as well as an artistic picture of the Miniplant. On one of the sides, you will learn even more about the Miniplant 950W powersupply; such as the fact that this one is black, can produce 950W and comes with a USA safety power cord. On the other side is a list of all the connectors that come on the Tuniq Miniplant 950W power supply.  







When you open up the package of the Tuniq Miniplant 950W powersupply, notice that the actual unit is covered in a molded foam casing that will keep the Miniplant safe during the shipping process. All of the power cord connections coming out of the Miniplant are boxed up to keep them together, as well as to make sure that they do not get tangled up, these are wrapped up in the white box that has a large Tuniq logo printed on the top. The packaging also holds a user manual that will help you learn all of the specifications and features of the Tuniq Miniplant, as well as what all the connectors are for.  If you need help installing the unit, this is where you can look. Also inside of the white box are two connectors that will be able to transform an eight-pin connector to a six-pin, as well as ten cable ties to help with cable management.  



Let's keep looking at the Tuniq Miniplant 950W power supply and see what it looks like on the inside.  

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