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ThermalTake Element T Review

Price: $79.99


ThermalTake produces a lot of products. From power supplies to cases, they have quite a variety of quality products. Today I'm reviewing the ThermalTake Element T case. As with any case you buy you probably look for a few things that the product offers to see whether or not it's what you want. Some of these things are, how the case wire manages, performance, looks, and weight, just to name a few. Even size is a factor. Do you wish to take it to a lan party? If yes then you probably don't want something too heavy either. This is where the Element T comes in. The Element T appears to be ThermalTake's entry level case. Does it pack enough features for the average computer geek though? Read on and find out.


Closer Look:

The box for the Element T resembles that of the Element G in terms of layout and looks. Of course what differs here is the case and its features. Upon reading the box however you would be disappointed to find out that a front fan, and side fan are optional. Yes, these are optional - you have to buy them separately. It would be nice if they could have at least provided these and maybe have added $10 or $15 to the retail price, but they just aren't there. Also not in the T are the awesome features of the LED fans that were on the G. On the T you only get one fan, which is the top 200mm fan and it is only red. So if you don't like a red LED fan, you might want to steer away.











Of course if we wish to learn more than what words on a box can describe then we should learn hands-on by opening the box and seeing what's inside. Once the box is open you immediately notice something different from the Element G. The T is wrapped in plastic rather than a cool reusable ThermalTake bag. Of course as with any packaged case it is also sandwiched between two pieces of Styrofoam.




Well not much to see here yet until we get it further unpacked so let's move on and see what we have.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look(The Case)
  3. Closer Look(The Working Components)
  4. Specifications and Features
  5. Testing (Setup)
  6. Conclusion
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