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Thermaltake BlacX Duet Review



Well to wrap this up I must say I am impressed by the performance of this dock. I couldn't find any problems with it at all truly. It makes it easy to transfer data that is for sure and having the convenience of being able to hot swap drives is also a nice touch. Supporting up to 2TB per slot is also nice for those of you who want or need the ability. As new as this dock seems it has yet to show up on newegg and isn't even on TigerDirect. It is however available on amazon.com so there is one place to get it. It retails for around $40.00 which isn't bad for having the ability to dock two hard drives. The only real issue I can find is the sheer lack of support for Port Multipliers on onboard motherboard chipsets which may leave many of you in the dark when it comes to having access to both drives over eSATA. This in its self I can't say is a con since it's all about chipset support and not something that the dock is lacking. However I find the lack of a firewire interface to be an actual con. ThermalTake should have implemented this knowing that there isn't much mainstream support for port multipliers and could have given you an additional interfaces that is faster than USB.



  • Dual drive dock
  • USB and eSATA interfaces
  • eSATA is almost as fast as internal SATA
  • Good price
  • Ability to dock and use two drives over eSATA interface simultaneously



  • No firewire so if you can't use both slots in eSATA you're stuck with USB
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