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Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Volos MMO Gaming Mouse Review


Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Volos MMO Gaming Mouse Closer Look:

Starting off with the traditional top down shot of the mouse you can see quite a bit of what the mouse has to offer. There is an Tt eSPORTS dragon logo, which indeed lights up, just in the center of where your palm rests. There is a set of arrow buttons below the scroll wheel (that also lights up), which allow you to toggle DPI or whatever you choose to set them up as. There is a button that sits just above the gap between your thumb and pointer finger that, by default, allows you to cycle profiles. Once you have the software installed you will also appreciate the onscreen display to remind you what the button you are pressing is set to do. From first glance it's a pretty simple looking mouse, though I know you are about to say, what about the buttons?? We will get there. The left click button also features a circle that sits beneath your fire finger that lights up with one of the many RGB color options.

The bottom of the mouse, much like most, isn't very exciting at all. There are some awesomely large skates on the bottom guaranteeing you good movement. There is a little switch down here above the door for the weight system. Above it, you can read "lock" and "unlock", these buttons are here to prevent accidental macro use. Unfortunately, all the buttons you are about to see on the left of the mouse are considered macros. So if you have forward and back setup there for browser action, you'll lose them if you enable the lock. Honestly, as a hint now, I'd say there's not a real reason for the lock as all the macro buttons are quite hard to access with any normal sized hand.













The right side of the mouse has a few buttons for macros or what have you. They are labeled C, D, and E, though I'm not sure it matters for more than figuring out which ones to set up with in the software. You won't be able to see them when using it unless you have a new mousing style I've yet to see. In my hand I find it relatively easy to reach the furthest forward button (E) with my ring finger, while the other two remain a guessing game for which one you are actually pressing. If you straddle the mouse a little with your fire finger on the right click you can get a better feel at all three of them with your middle finger. But as far as a normal position goes, you will have to have some crazy hands to work with this set-up.

The left of the mouse doesn't provide a lot of promise either. Although the looks of it seem pretty awesome with controller-like buttons and seem exciting, don't get your hopes up. The same issue persists on this side, though I may be wrong for calling it an issue, I'll let you decide. The gamer buttons up front require a huge shift of the hand and a near claw grip style. The A and B buttons require the opposite and a real far back palm grip to use, leaving the left and right click almost unreachable. However, depending on how you play, you may like this. But from most MMO players I know, they hate the idea of moving their hand about to reach buttons. Most I asked said they'd rather use a keyboard. Yes, I did ask some friends as I'm not big on MMO style games, at least not ones that require this many extra buttons. So from my perspective as well as some others, this layout is perplexing.



Let's take a step back, away from the buttons, and look at the rest of the mouse. Looking from its rear it's a bit of a fat mouse. It will definitely give your hand the wide stance feel as your palm settles to rest on the Tt eSPORTS dragon. With all the weights in, the word fat is even more fitting, as it is almost a bit heavy. Thankfully you can adjust just how heavy you want this little piggy to be.

The front of the mouse gives you a little peek at both macro button sets (left and right) and you can also grab a good look at that white smoked scroll wheel. I will tell you now that this really diffuses the color well from the LEDs. It lights up real nice when plugged in and set to your favorite color. A couple more shots of the mouse provide you with an overall look of the mouse. It is good looking, well built, just in kind words…different.




Getting back to my point of the little piggy joke, there are five 4.5g weights inside the mouse for a total addition of 22.5 grams. For me it was a little heavy, so I dropped one at a time until it was an okay weight for me. It is like any other mouse, you have to take some time to get used to it and get settings adjusted for the user.



The Tt eSPORTS Volos comes with a nice braided cable of nearly two meters in length. A Velcro strap is sewn inline so you can bundle up your cable and take it to the LAN party without getting a tangled mess. The end also comes with the awesome Tt eSPORTS USB capped end. It always looks super fancy and if you truly are taking it on the go it will keep stuff from getting jammed in the little USB plug. If nothing else, it looks cool, though you'll be plugging it in the back of your case and never look at it again, at least not for a while.



I decided to take a couple shots with the mouse plugged in so you can see a bit of the lighting. Even in a well lit room the colors are vibrant and easy to see. The Tt eSPORTS dragon and circle drawn beneath your fire finger seem to light up as if it was just a part of the mouse. The color is rather even except on the furthest outskirts of the dragon, but it's hard to notice. You can even make the scroll wheel a different color, if you choose, using the software. Really you can have set up each of the four colors to whatever your heart desires. The colors are full RGB so you can indeed try to match your other peripherals if you want, it just may take some time/practice to find the right color.


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