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Thermaltake Suppressor F51 Review


Thermaltake Suppressor F51: Conclusion

A case is a case, right? No, not really. It is more than just a place to put all your hardware. But for years that is all a case was - functional and sparse. Only a handful of aftermarket cases offered anything beyond the absolute basics. Now there are cases in every style, shape, color, and configuration that you can imagine, and it can be overwhelming to find the right case. Of course now there is plenty of competition to keep things fresh and innovative, which just adds to the influx of new cases to choose from. So part of the fun in case selection is to consider all the features that you want your case to have.

Let's talk about the feature set of the F51. The Suppressor F51 brings modularity to the forefront and the two key design points are noise suppression and support for high-end custom liquid cooling. If you are looking to build a computer with a full custom liquid cooling system, then this case needs to be on your list. Perhaps an AIO (All-in-One) cooler or even an air cooler is more your speed? Then this case still needs to be on your list. For a case this size, you have many options for fan size and location, as well as radiator size and location. This equates to the potential for an impressive cooling system that rivals much larger cases.

The sound deadening panels go a long way toward keeping the sound from escaping the case. Even with the fans spooled to the maximum speed, the Suppressor kept the sound level down. Speaking of fans, the front I/O panel allows you to control up to four fans with high / low speed selection buttons. Next we have support for a wide range of motherboards, from a mini ITX up to an E-ATX, so you are not limited by your motherboard size. Thermaltake also put a lot into the design for dust reduction with super fine fan filters. All sources of incoming air have to pass through a filter first.

The large side window just does it for me. It is no secret that I am a big fan of the ASUS ROG series of motherboards, and they are definitely something to show off along with all my other hardware. A big side window is a must-have case feature for me. Large graphics cards up to 465mm are also not a problem if you don't mind sacrificing some hard drive space. But don't worry, you can still mount two drives behind the back plane even if you remove both optical drive bays and both hard drive racks.

The Suppressor F51 is just a great case and I couldn't find anything that I did not like. Pricing currently comes in at $119 at Newegg for the side window version and about $20 less for the non-window version. You can certainly find less expensive cases, but try and find one that has all the sound deadening, all the fan and water cooling support, and all the style and quality, and you'll come up short. So yet again, Thermaltake delivers a knock-out punch.



  • Full liquid water cooling support
  • Support for many fans including two 200mm fans on top
  • Sound-deadening panels
  • Support for small ITX to large E-ATX motherboards
  • Fan speed controller for up to four fans
  • Support for high-end graphics cards (465mm)
  • Large side window
  • Modular design
  • Dust filters on top, front, and bottom



  • None
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