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Thermaltake Dr. Power II PSU Tester


Closer Look:

So out of the box it isn’t anything too exciting. It just looks like an old video game with no buttons to press. The front reads the Thermaltake tag line “COOLall YOUR LIFE," which is funny considering this is one product of theirs that actually has nothing to do with thermal properties, unless you are finding out you over heated your PSU of course. It then reminds you what it is, “Universal ATX Power Supply Tester," so when you find this in your closet months down the road you know what it is. It finally tells you that it’s the "Dr. Power II," and not it’s older Dr. Power cousin with tiny LED indicators, this one actually has a screen. Don’t forget it’s the second generation! The back just gives a reminder that you need to plug in the 24 pin connector or it won't tell you anything at all.
















On the side you will find the single button that runs the whole Dr. Power II. It looks like a power button but it really isn’t one. It’s basically the “everything” button. You are either allowed to toggle between tests in Mode A, or have it cycle through the tests on its own with Mode B. It really isn’t complicated if you glance at the help guide.  There you will learn that less than a 5 second press and the device will cycle through each test in Mode A, whereas a hold for 5 seconds or more kicks it into Mode B, which cycles through the tests for you automatically. No rocket science here.


The top back labels the plugs, in case just looking at it wasn’t obvious enough. I feel the hardest one to notice at first is the SATA connector, as it really just looks like a chunk of PCB sticking out of the top. But, with a closer look, you can see it is a bit more. It is very easy to plug everything in at once, as long as your Molex cable doesn’t have funny clips. My 400W PSU ended up needing some extra encouragement to fit in this plug, as it had some extra clips on the Molex connector. Otherwise, it’s as easy as plugging things into your rig.


The bottom end plugs into the 24 pin connector and the 24 pin connector only. Without this plugged in, the Dr. Power II won’t even work. So make sure you do plug this one in. It’s just like the connector on your mother board so if you have the 20 + 4 split connector, it works just the same.



Overall the Dr. Power II is a pretty simple and self-explanatory tester. If you can’t plug your power supply into this, I can assure you it’s probably not your hardware causing you the issue in the first place (unless you managed to dig up an AT PSU for testing!). To see it in action read on!

  1. Introduction
  2. Closer Look
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing & Results
  5. Conclusion
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