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Thermaltake MEKA G-Unit Mechanical Keyboard Review

Price: $109.99

Thermaltake MEKA G-Unit Mechanical Keyboard Introduction:

The Thermaltake MEKA G-Unit Mechanical Keyboard, if nothing else, has a really fun name to say – G UNIT! I don't know why I find that so entertaining, but I do. Thermaltake currently has four versions of the G-Unit available: the first G-Unit (Cherry MX Blacks), the G-Unit Red Switch Edition (we are looking at today), the G-Unit Battle Edition (in army green), and the most recent release: the G-Unit Illuminated Edition (red LED lighting). They all appear to be effectively the same with the exception of either the physical appearance or change in Cherry MX keys. So although we are looking specifically at the G-Unit Red Switch Edition today, you can at least get an idea of the general looks of the keyboard and pick your favorite options from there. The Red Switch Edition comes with Cherry MX Red switches; like that wasn't obvious. It does have 104 total keys including up to 60 programmable storage macro keys (perhaps a little less obvious) and takes advantage of the Instant Switch System (I.S.S.) which allows you to quickly switch between profiles to utilize all the macros! There are tweleve dedicated macros and the gaming profiles allow you to set almost any key to anything. So let's see what this thing really has to offer once it's at your desk; well in this case it's at my desk for scrutiny – but let it have it!

Closer Look:

The box fulfills the usual Tt ESPORTS theme of flashy flames and the traditional black and red color scheme. The corners of the box are painted up to look industrial with rivets and if nothing else, the box does manage to grab your attention. The front of the box boasts the I.S.S., gaming LED backlighting, 60 macro keys, and 1000 Hz Polling rate (through PS/2 of course). It also claims your gaming speed will be "8x quicker" and that it is "armed for battle." Though I'm not sure how these regards are met, I'm sure we will find out. The back of the box goes to point out a few of the key features (which we will take a closer look at) and highlights the LED key regions in red boxes – this is what they mean by "gaming" LED backlighting…it will be interesting to see it on.















Opening up the box you might feel a little important or as if what you just bought is presenting itself to you like you are some sort of god. The product must be nice if they don't have to flaunt it at you the second you open the box. The software's GUI is shown off a little here with a picture pointing out what you can change and how to navigate through the different options. If nothing else you can store this at your desk for the first round of changing things in software. The little envelope with the ESPORTS red dragon logo pops out to show its contents: warranty information and a quick how to guide. Like most companies these days, the drivers are available from their website – no more included CD drivers.

Pulling open the box the rest of the way, the keyboard and its accessories are neatly tucked away. Inside you'll find a little more than just the keyboard itself. There is the detachable arm rest, fully detachable USB braided cable (with attached Velcro strap to keep it neat), and a fancy velvet ESPORTS branded bag – for, I guess, the cable. If nothing else it at least looks like you've received something "high quality" with the bonus bag. At first touch the keyboard feels very sturdy and definitely a bit on the heavy side. I look forward to banging away at it in my rage style of gaming to see how it holds up.


  1. Thermaltake MEKA G-Unit Mechanical Keyboard Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Thermaltake MEKA G-Unit Mechanical Keyboard Closer Look (The Keyboard)
  3. Thermaltake MEKA G-Unit Mechanical Keyboard Closer Look (The Software)
  4. Thermaltake MEKA G-Unit Mechanical Keyboard Specifications & Features
  5. Thermaltake MEKA G-Unit Mechanical Keyboard Testing & Results
  6. Thermaltake MEKA G-Unit Mechanical Keyboard Conclusion
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