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Thermaltake Level 10 Mouse Review



In the end, the Level 10 M is a mouse geared towards high dollar elite gamers. Like the saying goes, "You get what you pay for." Spend a little more and you often get a little higher quality. The Level 10 M is definitely a high quality mouse. It has a stellar build quality that matches up to the price and doesn't leave too much to be desired. The design of the mouse itself is what ended up being the ultimate flaw for me. Like I've mentioned a few times already, I never did find comfort with this mouse. Although I have so many points to change to make the mouse fit my hand, it just never did. It felt awkward out of the box and even a couple weeks later I'm still not feeling the mouse. The hat button was the one returning issue that I almost kicked the habit of bumping. It sits out just a bit too far, but resting your thumb on the aluminum extrusion prevents the accidents a bit.

The mouse is not a fail, don't get me wrong. There are a few things that I found annoying, and I've shared those thoughts with you. You and I find comfort in different ways and like and hate different products; so don't take what I have to say as a sole judgment to buy or not buy this mouse. The real ticket to getting what you want is to try out the product. After reviewing so many products, it's hard for me to think of buying a keyboard or mouse without playing with it first. A lot of times you can't try them, which is why I'm here: to tell you my opinion of the mouse. That's also why you should feel free to ask me questions I may not have covered. Overall, the Level 10 wasn't my steak and potatoes on the plane ride, but it was definitely a chicken sandwich compared to the sip of coke and cookie in economy class.



  • Build quality feels solid
  • Software has a good start and allows for some nice changes to make the mouse fit your style a bit more
  • Has the appeal and appearance of "upper class"
  • Quality has promise for future Level 10 products



  • Lack of comfort despite all the adjustments
  • Inappropriately placed hat button
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  1. Thermaltake Level 10 M Introduction & Closer Look:
  2. Thermaltake Level 10 M Closer Look: (The Mouse)
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  5. Thermaltake Level 10 M Testing & Results:
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