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Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Theron Infrared Gaming Mouse Review


Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Theron Infrared Gaming Mouse Closer Look:

The software for the Tt eSPORTS Theron IR was surprisingly simplistic. There weren't too many things to change (like some major MMO mice) and the options for changing things were pretty straight forward – not too much effort to figure out. When opening up the software, which is easily downloaded from the Tt eSPORTS website, you get the screen shown below. The five stored profiles can be switched between quickly with the tabs at the top of the screen. The normal and battle options are easily selected by indicating the one you want in a dark maroon backing. The battle option really only affects the lighting of your mouse, making it respond differently based on a pattern or patterns of clicks (mostly making it flash). The rest of the options (lighting, performance, macros, and key assignment) really are all right here in front of your face.














Clicking on a key to select it to change allows you to select T, S D, or L on the right of the screen. The T key brings up a menu as shown below. It allows you to assign a predesigned macro from the Macro Key option on the right (I'll show you in a second). You can then have it repeat once, multiple times, press and hold options, or repeat until pressed again. Pretty neat for whatever you need in game or perhaps just to mess with people – my usual use for these things.

The S option lets you set a single key option. Select from click, right click, button off, double click, or backward options; all pretty simple options. The remaining D and L options are for "default" settings and "launch program" triggers, respectively.



The performance option on the first screen brings up options for DPI Levels, Double Click Speeds, Cursor Speed, and Scroll Speed. You can even set your polling rate here. Just be sure to have the appropriate profile selected before jumping to this menu. Each DPI level allows you to set different DPI values for you to cycle through on a given profile, which makes different gaming scenarios easier to approach. Be sure to hit "APPLY" on this popup before closing it or you may be left wondering what happened to your new settings.


Macro settings, as I mentioned before, are quite useful and surprisingly easy to setup. Open the Macro Key window and click New to create a macro. Type whatever you desire and at the given time you would like it to occur. You can see in the example below my typing of PANDA just for fun. You can adjust delay time on the right, ignore it completely, or insert a specific default delay between characters. There's a lot to play with here if you want to; just remember there aren't too many EXTRA mouse buttons to use them with.


Last but not least is the light options. Unlike the original Theron you can't change the color. You are indeed stuck with the RED color whether you like it or not. You can tell it to turn off specific sections and whether to pulse the coloring or stay on full. So there is no color change, but there are still reasonable options for what you do have.

  1. Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Theron Infrared Gaming Mouse: Introduction
  2. Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Theron Infrared Gaming Mouse: Closer Look
  3. Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Theron Infrared Gaming Mouse: Closer Look (The Software)
  4. Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Theron Infrared Gaming Mouse: Specifications & Features
  5. Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Theron Infrared Gaming Mouse: Testing & Results
  6. Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Theron Infrared Gaming Mouse: Conclusion
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