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Thermaltake Commander MS-I Case Review



Overall, the case is about what you’d expect for the cost. I would however say still that the NZXT Source and Tempest are better cases at lower costs. They just seem to be better thought out. This case unfortunately feels cheap, as it is cheap. The front of the case makes it look a little nice, and really puts off the Thermaltake "in your face" factor. However, the body itself is of low quality and is a bit disappointing to work in. Hardware placement was a little difficult and getting the video card in wasn’t exactly easy with the external mounting system. The case definitely needs to be laying down, to do this with only one person. The floppy bay is still a laughing joke to me, but I guess it’s hard to get rid of old things sometimes. The small bays are somewhat useful for other things, perhaps a small fan controller, or some nifty nobs and switches!

I cannot say I’d be jumping to buy this case, as I feel it isn’t quite the quality that Thermaltake usually reaches. But, it is much cheaper than a lot of their "nice"cases. Overall I’m not impressed, it being much like another case that has disappointed me. I can’t be any more enthusiastic about being disappointed now twice.



  • Rocking a blue LED fan.
  • Back panel provides plenty of room for cable management.
  • Very gamer-esk front panel.



  • Cheap feeling and looking.
  • Hardware layout is outdated and not neat for cable management.
  • SSD mounting to the bottom makes cable connections difficult.
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