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Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Battle Dragon Bag Review


Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Battle Dragon Bag Closer Look: The Insides:

Okay, so now you know the secret of the bag, there's still more to see; specifically the part of the bag you care most about: the inside. The front pocket opens up to a red padded inside. It turns out the insides are all padded and being bright red makes things easy to see inside the depths of the pockets. But the big pocket(s) is what you really want to see. Looking back at the side/top – whatever perspective this is – there are two large clips that must be undone to get inside. It provides that one extra step of security for the things you have inside your bag. Yes it has a zipper to close up – but it's nice to have something to help keep it all tightly closed. Anyway, unbuckle these two and you can finally see the storage within.










I was a bit surprised to find all the compartments inside the big pocket. They can't be reconfigured, but there are two larger pockets with the center pocket split into three compartments. The front pocket also wraps around the ends while the furthest back pocket acts as sort of a laptop sleeve. It definitely can carry your bigger laptops – so no worries there. The two pockets on the front open up fully to show just how much more room is in the front. I'm honestly starting to worry if I'll be able to actually fill this bag up with hardware; there's too much room!



After finding more and more items to put in this bag, I finally gave up. I honestly couldn't come up with anymore ideas of what to put inside the bag without having to start undoing things from my desk. I will say, I did poke around at the Thermaltake site to see what others have managed to get in the bag, and though it was a little overkill, I did manage to find a video with a 24" monitor packed in with many other things quite easily; there really is that much room in this bag. Looking a little closer, you can see just how much more room is left in after I filled it. I have to say, whether it's empty or full, the bag has a rather ridged "square" structure to it – I wonder if this will soften up over time?



Pulling things from the bag you can finally see exactly how much I was able to put in the bag. Even though it didn't appear to be very full, the bag had quite a bit inside of it…including a few products you'll be seeing in some upcoming reviews! So looking at the full list of items I managed to pack in this bag, you can count them up: the Meka G-UNIT keyboard, the Volos and Theron gaming mice, the Cronos headset with accessories, a BlackX docking station and all its components, the Bahamut external sound card in its box, the Commandar F5 fan controller (again in its box), a full cabled Smart 750W PSU, and my lucky dead hard drive. Honestly, all this fit in the bag and is what has been pictured in the last couple shots. And YES, I did manage to find all the Thermaltake items I have around the house just for this shot – and YES, I do have plenty of other things I could have tossed in – but this really made for the family Christmas shot (a month or two early). I'm quite impressed, looking at it all sitting there next to the bag – I still don't believe it was all packed in there.


  1. Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Battle Dragon Bag Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Battle Dragon Bag Closer Look: The Insides
  3. Thermaltake Tt eSPORTS Battle Dragon Bag Conclusion
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