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Thermaltake BAHAMUT External Sound Card Review


Tt eSPORTS BAHAMUT External Sound Card Conclusion:

Overall, the BAHAMUT isn't going to make your shitty headphones sound good; it's just going to give them the ability to go louder if they can handle it, as that's how it works. The BAHAMUT is a great quick fix for a headset that just can't play loud to be able to play a bit louder (for example my Pulse-R headset is rather quiet; the BAHAMUT is perfect). The numbers lie a little, or really your ears can lie a little back on what is heard from this external sound card. The numbers say we should expect some feedback from the mic and some serious off balanced noise response; however, in testing I found neither to be extreme enough to have any real effect.

You can't really buy a decent sound card at this price range nor can you buy even a decent amp to make your headset play louder for this price. The price is actually the winner in this case, unlike so many others (usually price is the con). The stupid car engine noise when plugged in is a definite waste of components, but not much you can do about that at this point. This piece of hardware is by no means some ingenious work of art nor scientific breakthrough, but it will get your headset to play just that little bit louder where you need it. It also provides quick volume control at arm's reach and with an intuitive volume knob at that. In the end, the BAHAMUT is no magical hardware piece to make your crap Logitech headset sound good, but it will play loud at the right price for your wallet.  



  • Price - actually an affordable in-between solution
  • Really allows you to crank up your headset from its quiet norm
  • Easy to use, external, plugs in via USB, and just works (drivers not a must)



  • Stupid car engine noise when plugged in - wasted technology towards price
  • Numbers don't speak highly, though ears may think differently
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  4. Tt eSPORTS BAHAMUT External Sound Card Testing & Results
  5. Tt eSPORTS BAHAMUT External Sound Card Conclusion
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