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Transistor Review



The graphics of Transistor are hand painted and very good looking, giving the game a strong artistic feel in many places. Some areas, such as the menus, are "harder", for lack of a better word, and show off the game's technological aspects. Of course this makes sense and is completely appropriate. They simply are in contrast to each other.

It is not uncommon for certain colors to dominate frames and scenes, as to use a minimalistic approach to identify objects and characters. With the detail of the artwork, I would not describe the game as minimalistic. Although eventually, a lot of the color is lost as the Process spreads.

As you run around, the Transistor drags behind you leaving a trail of digital sparks and lines. Definitely a nice touch, considering it is being dragged, but the effect is tied to the character and not the ground. What I mean is that if you make a sudden turn, the sparks will actually turn with you, instead of staying where they are on the ground. A small thing, but I do have an eye for small things.







Different attacks will produce different effects, but many include a satisfying number of particles, either along the path or as part of an explosion. This is true for your attacks and your enemies.

One thing about the graphics that can be annoying is that some environmental objects, like pillars, will actually cover part of the screen. This means that enemies may be inadvertently hiding behind them, making it somewhat difficult to avoid what damage they may deal.

I am not going to bother giving my computer's specs because this game should run perfectly on most computer hardware out there, provided it is not many years old or intentionally underpowered. Graphics options are somewhat limited for Transistor with only a fullscreen toggle and a whitelist of resolutions to pick from.

I wish I could say more, but there really is not much more to say about the graphics. They are good, and very pleasant to look at, and have only those two issues I noted.

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