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OCC's Top 3 Cases of 2017


Top 3 Cases of 2017:

It is time once again to select the Top 3 Cases of 2017. It can be difficult to choose since there are so many cases with so many cool features. However, some do tend to leave more of an impression than others. Like I always say, a case is more than just a place to stash all of your computer components. Just like people, cases can have their own personalities. Some are wild and flashy. Some are more conservative and laid back. It is still surprising how manufacturers can keep things fresh and exciting with new designs. Here are the top three from my 2017 reviews.


#3 Case: OCC Review of the CASE V-08 by VIVO

Number 3 on the list is the CASE V-08 from VIVO. This company surprised me with a budget-minded case that did a super job of delivering style with function. It can handle motherboard form factors that range from a mini-ITX up to a full-size E-ATX. The fit and finish of the V-08 are at a quality level that you usually see from established case manufacturers.

During testing, I found that the sound levels from the V-08 fans are not really noticeable, and you do have space to add two more 120mm fans on top of the power supply cover if you would like more air flow. There is decent room to build a nice gaming rig, workstation, or just a daily driver.

The lighting effect from the blue LED fans really gets your attention, and the full glass side and front panels give the case a touch of elegance usually found in more expensive cases. Other products in VIVO's lineup include an impressive array of computer monitor and TV mounts, TV carts, projector screens and mounts, height adjustable desks, network cables, and too many other products to list!. I look forward to seeing more from VIVO. Article link here.

Check out the video review:


#2 Case: OCC Review of the 5PM ARC Red from mean:it

On to number two. Ever heard of mean:it? This newcomer shows up from out of nowhere with a small line of cases. OCC was able to review the 5PM ARC Red and it made me think that the case was from a more seasoned company. Glass panel cases are nothing new, but to pull it off so well on the first shot is certainly remarkable.

The 5PM ARC Red provides functionality with adequate space for a full system build. You also get extra thick 5mm tempered side and front glass panels. Add to that the amazing red ring light LED fans and you have a case that grabs your attention and won't let go. The full front glass panel and three front fans leave no room for any optical drives, but do you really miss them? Nope, because the space that is freed up by the missing optical drive really opens the door for liquid cooling.

It wasn't so long ago that only high-end cases had any sort of space or mounting provisions for liquid cooling radiators. The 5PM ARC Red case can handle a front or top 360mm radiator. And you have room for a 120mm or 140mm rear radiator, too. Plus there is a pump mount if you decide that a custom liquid cooling system is more your style. Article link here.

Check out the video review:



#1 Case: OCC Review of the be quiet! Dark Base Pro 900

Coming in at number one is a real thumper. German engineering and ingenuity are hard at work again with another case from be quiet!, and this one is the King of the Hill. Given my experience with be quiet! products, my expectations were high, and I was not disappointed. The Dark Base Pro 900 is not only one of the larger and more expensive cases I have reviewed, it also has one of the most impressive feature sets that I have seen.

Hard drive storage? Well, this case has you covered with support for up to seven HDDs, 15 SSDs, and two optical drives. Included are three of the quiet and powerful 140mm SilentWings® 3 fans, which do a tremendous job of quietly moving a lot of air. The relocatable motherboard tray allows you to change the orientation of the motherboard to the other side of the case. This way you can show off your system build no matter where you place the case.

The Pro package adds a top mounted wireless charger for Qi-enabled devices, a full side tempered glass window, and a couple of colorful LED light strips. The fan and LED lighting hub lets you control up to eight fans and allows you to cycle through five colors with the LED light strips. Plus there is a ton of support for multiple fans and liquid cooling. Not many cases can handle a single 420mm radiator, but the Dark Base Pro 900 can handle two of them! Article link here. You can purchase here for $249US.

Check out the video review:


So there you have it - OCC's Top 3 Cases of 2017. All of these are great cases and all leave their mark in a different way. Are you thinking about a new case for the new year? Now is the time to check out these cases and other cool product reviews at OverclockersClub!

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