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Titanfall Review





Capture The Flag

Next up is a Capture The Flag match on the Nexus map. The Nexus map may very well be my favorite map for CTF, or at least the one I'm best on. In a recent Nexus CTF match, I had 14 pilot kills and one flag capture with only one death! But instead of showing you that match, I opted for this one because I had a pretty epic flag capture, which you can see beginning around the 3-minute mark of the Second Half. And while it was no 14:1 KDR, I still managed a respectable 12 pilot kills, 2 Titan kills, 1 flag capture, and 1 flag return, with 8 deaths. For the Pilot Loadout, I went with an EVA-8 Shotgun kitted with Iron Sights, Sidewinder, B3 Wingman, Cloak, Frag Grenade, Quick Reload Kit, and Warpfall Transmitter. For the Titan Loadout, I chose the same one as I did in the Hardpoint match: Ogre chassis equipped with a Triple Threat kitted with Mine Field, Electric Smoke, Multi-Target Missile System, Nuclear Ejection, and Big Punch.




Now it's time for my two least favorite game modes. First up is an Attrition match played on the Boneyard map. This was still when I was fairly noobish, but I wanted to show a match from the Boneyard map because it has flying dinosaur-like creatures on it. While they're mostly for show, they do eat AI (grunts, spectres) and can get in your way while shooting. The video also shows a successful Hot Zone Extract (via dropship) and I recorded long enough this time to show the Game Summary screen, which shows the XP you earned, any unlocks you earned, and your top six challenges you completed or worked on during the match. Unfortunately I didn't start the recording until after loadout selection, but you can tell that my Pilot Loadout consists of an R-101C Carbine kitted with Holosight and Extended Magazine, Archer Heavy Rocket, Cloak, and Frag Grenade, while my Titan Loadout is an Ogre chassis equipped with an Arc Cannon, Electric Smoke, Rocket Salvo, Nuclear Ejection, and Auto-Eject.



Pilot Hunter

Last is a Pilot Hunter match on the Airbase map. I chose this match because it was literally the first match I played after "Regenning" to Generation 2. Since I had no recordings of my very first matches (Campaign Mode), I felt this was the best indication I could provide as to how balanced the game really is. After you "Regen", everything becomes locked, so I had to choose amongst the basic starting loadouts. For the Pilot Loadout, I opted to go with Rifleman, which is equipped with a R-101C Carbine kitted with stock HCOG sights, Archer Heavy Rocket, Hammond P2011, Cloak, Frag Grenade, Explosives Pack, and Dome-Shield Battery. For the Titan Loadout, I opted to go with Tank, which uses the Ogre chassis with a 40mm Cannon, Vortex Shield, Rocket Salvo, Nuclear Ejection, and Survivor. While I was very comfortable with the pilot, I was not that comfortable with this Titan, which you will notice leads me to be "Executed" not once, but twice! Still, despite having to use the basic starting loadouts, I still managed to lead my team with 11 pilot kills, 1 Titan kill, 3 assists, and just 5 deaths.

NOTE: ShadowPlay automatically creates a second file when 4GB is reached, which usually occurs just after ten minutes. Because Pilot Hunter matches tend to take longer than other matches, I used Windows Movie Maker to join the two files together, which is why you'll notice a slight hiccup at the 10:36 mark. In addition, the video is more compressed, so it may not be as good quality as the other videos, but it's still pretty good.


Hope you enjoyed the videos. If there's anything in particular you'd like to see recorded, like a particular weapon, loadout, or map, feel free to make a request and I'll see what I can do.

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