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Titanfall Review



The best way to figure out if Titanfall is for you is to experience it for yourself. Unless you played the Beta that's not possible without a purchase, so the next best thing is to watch some actual gameplay. With that in mind, I've recorded full matches in each game mode using NVIDIA ShadowPlay. Each mode I selected for your viewing pleasure takes place on a different map, so you can really see the variety the game has to offer.



Last Titan Standing

First up is a Last Titan Standing match on the Lagoon map. Because Last Titan Standing is broken into two halves, I recorded the halves separately to ensure ShadowPlay didn't cut it off. I chose to go with a Stryder chassis equipped with a 40mm Cannon kitted with Extended Magazine, Electric Smoke, Cluster Missle, Tactical Reactor, and Auto-Eject. Auto-Eject is probably not the ideal selection for Last Titan Standing, but because the Stryder is fragile, it's useful in other game modes and I never swapped it out. I chose this match because I kicked some major butt!



Hardpoint Domination

Next up is a Hardpoint Domination match on the Smuggler's Cove map. For the Pilot Loadout, I went with an R-101C Carbine kitted with Holosight and Supressor, Sidewinder, B3 Wingman, Cloak, Arc Mine, Quick Reload Kit, and Dome-Shield Battery. For the Titan Loadout, I went with an Ogre chassis equipped with a Triple Threat kitted with Mine Field, Electric Smoke, Multi-Target Missile System, Nuclear Ejection, and Big Punch. I chose this match because my team dominated, making it a rather quick match at just around eight minutes.

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