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Titanfall Review



So now that I've painted this pretty picture of pilots, you may be wondering what makes the Titans so badass? Well aside from them being giant mechs, for one, they're heavily armored and equipped with a regenerative shield, which means you can take a hell of a lot more hits than you can as a pilot. As long as you don't get caught within your Titan during its destruction (or within the vicinity if you have Nuclear Explosion equipped), it also means that you basically have an extra life of sorts – your Titan can be destroyed while you still live on.











In every mode except Last Titan Standing, you start off as a pilot (unless you use a specific Burn Card), and your Titan is on a 4-minute timer until you can call it, which results in it dropping down from the sky, referred to as the titular "Titanfall" – get it? But, every time you damage an enemy, you reduce the timer by a few seconds. If you really want your Titan, this rewards aggressive play rather than sitting back and camping. When you call a Titanfall, your Titan is protected from damage by a Dome Shield, which goes away after you embark or after a few seconds of it just idling there. If you don't want to enter your Titan for whatever reason, you can set your Titan to one of two stances – Guard and Follow. Both stances will cause your "Auto-Titan" to automatically attack any enemies that come within range, but Guard will keep it in one place, while Follow will cause it to (attempt to) follow you around the map. The HUD displays whether your target is an Auto-Titan or not, so you always know whether there's a pilot inside.




While pilots have a lot of weapons at their disposal to take down a Titan, literally and figuratively, Titan weaponry is not to be taken lightly. Most Titan weapons will take out a pilot in one or two hits and some are extremely hard to avoid, such as the Triple Threat, which can easily be shot through windows. And you definitely want to stick to high ground whenever possible, lest you want to get stepped on for an insta-kill. All that being said, most of the time you'll see Titans battling amongst themselves. And that leads to one of the most satisfying things in the entire game: Titan Executions. When a Titan loses all its health, its health bar becomes striped, indicating that it's about to explode. This provides the pilot inside a few seconds to eject, but it also provides a small window of time where an opposing Titan can initiate a melee attack and perform a Titan Execution, which differs based on the chassis of the attacking Titan. I won't spoil them, but they're all pretty sweet. They're not easy to pull off, but they're so worth it.




Arguably the only other thing more satisfying than pulling off a Titan Execution is crushing a Titan with a well placed Titanfall. That's right; anything caught under your Titan when it comes crashing down to the ground is killed, including pilots and rival Titans. It takes a few seconds for your Titanfall to occur after calling it and your opponent's HUD informs them "Hostile Titanfall Detected", but since they have no indication of where the Titanfall is occurring, they can merely hope to choose their escape route wisely. When your Titanfall destroys an enemy Titan, it's pure bliss.

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