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Titanfall Review



One of the most common questions I get asked is about balance – or more accurately, it's usually something along the lines of, "So Titans dominate, right?" Well that's a somewhat loaded question with neither a yes or no answer. The reason why there's no straightforward answer is because you can indeed rack up the kills as a Titan, but you can also quite easily be ripped to shreds by an experienced pilot. Aside from the anti-Titan weapons that can do substantial damage, especially if the target is currently distracted by another Titan, pilots can also jump on top of Titans to "rodeo" them. It's as simple as getting within range and pressing "Use" (E by default), which results in you taking hold and ripping open a panel exposing circuitry beneath. You can then use any weapon to deal damage, though your primary weapon is best as your anti-Titan weapon will probably wind up killing you. Successfully rodeoing an enemy Titan pretty much deals the highest damage-per-second (DPS) of all methods.










While rodeoing is the quickest way of dispatching an enemy Titan, it's not necessarily the easiest, and there are several counter-measures a skilled player can employ. The easiest, and one I most like to use, is outfitting your Titan with the Electric Smoke ability, which deals damage to any enemy caught within the smoke screen. When a rodeo occurs, your HUD informs you, so if you have the Electric Smoke ability equipped and ready to deploy, you'll want to do so immediately. If you do so early enough, the pilot will have no choice but to bail or else meet certain death. If you prefer another ability or it's simply not ready to use when a rodeo occurs, your other option is to disembark and shoot the pilot off your Titan's back (or hope a teammate handles it for you).


The other major advantage pilots have over Titans is mobility. While the Stryder chassis is quick, Titans cannot jump and are relegated to using only the large paths and streets. Pilots, on the other hand, can fit in every building and alleyway and, most importantly, hop onto roofs for a better vantage point. In addition, one of the things that makes Titanfall such a fast-paced game is the pilots' wall-running ability. Not only does it make your movement less predictable and thus harder to hit, but it also substantially increases your speed – that's right, the more you wall-run, the faster you go. In some maps, an expert wall-runner can go from one end of the map to the other in mere seconds. While carrying flags with Titans in CTF is a popular tactic, if you're an expert wall-runner, on certain maps you can fair better on foot than in a Titan. Many maps also have ziplines and you can even shoot while riding one.



Lastly, one other thing that presents a slight advantage to pilots is the pilot's Cloak ability, if equipped. Cloaking is specifically designed to render pilots invisible to Titans. To pilots, you'll be a translucent blur, but to Titans, you'll be invisible for the length of the cloak, allowing you to escape or sneak up behind for a rodeo. Like I said, it's only a slight advantage, but it has saved my ass a few times.

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