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Titanfall Review



As I mentioned earlier, Titanfall Classic (currently) consists of five game modes. Aside from Attrition and Hardpoint from the Campaign, there's also Capture The Flag, Last Titan Standing, and Pilot Hunter. Capture The Flag is pretty self-explanatory, Last Titan Standing starts everyone in a Titan with no respawning, and Pilot Hunter is essentially Attrition mode wherein only pilot kills count toward your team score. Each mode is up to 6v6, but all the modes other than Last Titan Standing have a ton of NPC soldiers and robots fighting for both sides.










The five modes do provide a decent amount of variety, often demanding different play styles, but it's still a bit disappointing they're the only ones available at launch. While all the modes are fairly enjoyable, Last Titan Standing is really the only unique mode compared to other shooters. Titans obviously affect the way you play any game mode, but you're still just standing on control points, running a flag, etc. I was just hoping for a bit more. Luckily, Respawn co-founder Vince Zampella tweeted that new game modes will come in the future and be released free. All that being said, the game has only been out a month as of the time of this writing, and I certainly haven't become bored with the game modes offered. In addition, as far as I can tell, every single map is playable on every single mode, so no matter what you play, you'll have some map variety. There are fifteen maps in total.

Last Titan Standing is great when you crave non-stop action. When there are twelve Titans crammed into a map, there's not much room for camping or hiding. It's a best of seven match, with each round resetting after all of one team's Titans are destroyed (or after four minutes). After the third round, the teams switch sides. If your Titan is destroyed, you are able to play as a pilot (assuming you survive your Titan's destruction) and still attempt to finish the opposing team off, but it will still end if all your team's Titans are destroyed, whether or not pilots are still alive. The strategies employed for an all-Titan war do differ from standard matches, but Last Titan Standing still provides a good training ground to hone your Titan (and anti-Titan) skills.



While that may be the most unique mode, the two modes I play most often are Hardpoint and Capture The Flag. I prefer those two modes over Attrition and Pilot Hunter because I like having goals other than to simply kill the opposing team. Hardpoint features three control points (A, B, and C). The more points your team controls, the faster you generate points. The winning team is the first one to reach 400 points or the team with the most points at the end of fifteen minutes. Most points are inside buildings where only a Pilot can go, but some maps do feature points that can be captured by Titans. When neutral, points take ten seconds to capture alone. If the opposing team controls the point, it takes ten seconds to neutralize before being able to capture it. If an enemy happens to be on the point, the HUD lets you know the point is contested and you'll have to eliminate any opposition in the vicinity before capturing completes.



Capture The Flag (CTF) consists of two seven-minute halves, but if one team scores three times in the first half, the half automatically ends. The reason why it's broken into two halves is because the maps are not symmetrical, which I personally like – it makes things a bit more interesting. The winner is the first team to successfully capture the opposing team's flag six times, or the team with the most captures at the end of the second half. CTF also happens to be the only mode where a match can actually end in a Draw.

Capturing flags requires you to bring the opposing flag to your own flag, and as is typical in CTF matches, your flag needs to actually be there to score. Both flags are always visible on the mini-map and HUD, even when they're being carried, which makes it easier to set up defenses and ambushes away from your actual flag. In addition, and somewhat controversially, flags can be carried by Titans. You still have to disembark to pick up and deliver the flag as a pilot though, so there is a small window of vulnerability – not that Titans can't be dispatched as well.



Attrition and Pilot Hunter play relatively the same, except that in the latter you cannot score points by killing AI. Attrition is a ten-minute round where the winner is the first team to 300 points or the team with the most points when time expires. Destroying a Titan is worth five points, killing a pilot is worth four points, and killing AI (spectres, grunts) is worth a single point. So while killing pilots and Titans is more lucrative, you can certainly contribute quite a lot by mowing down AI, especially when you happen across a newly dropped pod spilling out three or four of them for easy pickings.

Pilot Hunter is a fifteen-minute round where the winner is the first team to 50 points or the team with the most points when time expires. Despite pilot kills being the only way to score points (one point per kill), spectres and grunts still appear. While in theory you can ignore them if you want, they do shoot if you get into range. Destroying Titans also does not result in points, but those should definitely not be ignored for obvious reasons – not only is it possible to score a pilot kill with a well-timed Execution move, leaving an enemy Titan unchecked is an easy way to let the opposing team wreak havoc. Again, I'm not really a fan of Attrition and Pilot Hunter, but if you enjoy Team Deathmatch, know that there are two modes to satisfy your cravings.

In all the game modes except Last Titan Standing, there is something called an Epilogue, which unsurprisingly takes place at the end of the match – or more accurately, after one team achieves victory. Once a team reaches the score limit or time expires, respawning is turned off for everyone and players on the losing team must make their way to an extraction point on the roof of a designated building (indicated on the HUD for all players), where a dropship will arrive to evacuate them. Reaching the dropship earns substantial bonus experience and successfully evacuating earns even more. Meanwhile, the winning team can score bonus experience by killing the pilots trying to escape and even destroying the dropship with a consorted effort. All kills and deaths during an Epilogue do not count toward a player's stats, so don't worry about your kill-death ratio (KDR) being affected, if you care about such things – it's simply about earning extra experience and having a little chaotic fun. If a CTF match ends in a draw, then there's obviously no Epilogue.




I have uploaded complete matches from each of the game modes, which you can see just prior to my conclusion.

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