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Titan Dual X Holder TTC-SC07TZ(RB) Review


Closer Look:

With the device out in the open, we get a glimpse at the cabling situation. The design isn't as elegant as the box made it out to look. The fan cables are sleeved up until they join at a Y-splitter, then the cables aren't sleeved. The fan cables had to be sleeved since they aren't joined together like the rest of the wiring, personally I would have preferred to see all the wiring sleeved. The impeller blades have been flipped over, most fans blow air towards their base, whereas these blow away. This device is designed so that all of the screws are tool free and they can be removed with the black nuts on the other side. The two fans attach to a splitter and run into a black box that controls the fans speed. But, only one fan will report RPM since the splitter only gives the appropriate wire to one fan, both fans cannot send a signal when they are joined together. The unit is powered by a fan header and Titan suggests using one off of the motherboard, although users can also use a Molex-Fan header adapter, which is unfortunately not included.














The fan controller adjusts the speed significantly, but even at full blast I cannot hear the fans over the rest of the system noise. The device can hold the second fan at a 90° angle to the first fan, which could help cool the motherboard or shorter passively cooled video cards. The best uses for this product would be on a passive heat sink, where it could help cool motherboard components, cool the back of a card, or installed in a multiple card system for drastic changes.



The screw nuts are textured and have two wings to help make them easy to spin off without tools. The screws resist spinning because they have a flat cubic region, between the head and threads, that sits against the slots in the Dual X Holder frames. The underside of the nuts are textured too and grab the frames to avoid backing off much better than a smooth surface would.



Time to take a look at the specifications and features!

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