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Titan TTC-NK95TZ Entertainer Review

Price: $34.99


Heat. It is currently technology's worst enemy, and lately with increasing performance and power draw, there is more of it. Heatsink manufacturers have been constantly improving their designs in order to keep up with the demands of the heat energy the latest hardware can produce. One feature which has been implemented in heatsinks for some time now are heatpipes, and now practically every aftermarket cooler has them. More recently, are "direct contact" heatpipes. Rather than having a copper or aluminum plate with heatpipes set into it, the heatpipes sit directly on top of the processor die so that the heat is transferred faster through one less interface. Titan has introduced the NK95TZ "Entertainer" cooler, which is a low profile, direct contact heatpipe cooler. With all of the heat components expel, and in a small environment such as a HTPC setup, controlling that heat is dire. If space is limited, a low profile cooler may be required. At only 6.5cm tall, the NK95TZ would be an ideal choice where there isn't a lot of room. Being as small as it is, I am interested to get this cooler into test bed to see how it performs.

Closer Look:

The Entertainer is packaged in an attractive black and gray box with the Titan logo at the top and the words "Entertainer, Cool & Silent" at the bottom. The front of the box features a clear plastic window that shows the actual product sitting inside. The fan is righted so that the Titan logo on the fan is in the correct orientation. The right side of the box has general specifications, such as dimensions of the cooler and info about the fan. The left side lists all the compatibility, which is a pretty impressive list. The rear of the package lists four separate features, in nine different languages - which fills it out pretty well.










The cooler is packaged in clear fit formed plastic, allowing for a snug holding of the heatsink and enough buffer in case any external damage were to ensue.  This method of packaging is pretty much standard among most manufacturers.



Included is the manual, insulating washers, an 1156 clip, AMD AM3/AM2/K8 clip, a small amount of thermal paste, mounting screws and mounting "bolts", which look just like motherboard standoffs. The 1366 clip is already installed on the cooler.


Now that it's out of the box, I'm looking forward to getting it out of the package and taking a closer look at it.

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  2. Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing & Setup
  5. Conclusion
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