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Titan TTC-G20TZ Docking Station Review



OK, so the Titan TTC-G20TZ laptop docking station is what I'll phrase as "neat." It offers just about all the functions that a proprietary laptop dock will, with the exception of things such as charging the laptop or housing a disk drive. These proprietary docks can cost hundreds of dollars, so this would be a cheaper alternative. However, I must state that something is terribly wrong with the software as packaged! My laptop screen did not default to the native resolution and caused major flickering and freezing when moving windows around and even while just idling. I will offer this as a freak occurrence, because both laptops that I tried this on were AMD/ATI-based. Even if this issue is isolated to just AMD/ATI laptops, this still represents a HUGE market in which this problem could occur. Regardless, it makes it almost unusable with the "SuperUtility" installed! I also could not get the pictured options in the Titan manual to show on screen! These options would have been helpful, like changing screen rotations and display type (mirrored, extended, etc) on the fly. Once it's set, I could imagine that it wouldn't be changed a whole lot, but I was unable to gain access to these options at all.

The next thing I have to say is that the dock doesn't really do much for temperatures. It did help by a couple of degrees, but I was hoping for more. Not only did it not make a big difference in temperatures, the fan is certainly audible and could be distracting to some — especially at full speed.  Be it that it would be a much less expensive alternative to spending hundreds on a proprietary dock, it can certainly use many improvements until it'd be something I'd use!



  • Less expensive than proprietary docking stations
  • Provides an active cooling solution where proprietary docks rarely do
  • Did not impact USB or LAN transfer speeds terribly



  • Fan is quite loud, especially at high speed
  • Software caused flickering and hanging of video signal
  • Could not get access to documented features in the software menu

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing & Setup
  5. Conclusion
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