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Titan TTC-G20TZ Docking Station Review

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Just like our desktops that seem to have almost turned into space heaters, the ever-increasing heat output from technology today also applies to our notebooks. Keeping these cool is the highest priority in taking care of them and that is why we have so much competition between manufacturers and all the cooling products on the market today. Titan is one of the manufacturers that is present in several different cooling lines, from its heatsinks, GPU coolers, hard drive coolers, and notebook coolers. Titan is also a manufacturer of console fans and even mobile power inverters. Titan's diverse presence in the market has brought itself to play a major role in what we see today.

In the spotlight today is Titan's TTC-G20TZ ADI docking station for laptops. This is a high-end laptop dock that is an all-in-one solution for cooling, inputs, and outputs. The ADI docking station offers VGA, LAN, and audio outputs, as well as four USB2.0 inputs, which are all driven from one USB port. I am a little skeptical on how all three would perform off of one USB, while also running four other USB ports, but that will be analyzed later in this review. This article with provide a full evaluation of the Titan TTC-G20TZ ADI dock beginning at its unboxing, looking at its interior and exterior features, and finished off by an intensive testing process.


Closer Look:

The Titan TTC-G20TZ Dock is packaged in a white box with a handle on the top and an information flap on the rear. Opening this flap presents different applications and places that the dock can be used, with a three step process on how to set everything up. Step 1, plug in the USB connection; Step 2, switch on the fan; and Step 3, have fun with a widescreen monitor. Of course, this is highly simplified, leaving out the steps of installing software and plugging in all your devices.













Included with the Titan TTC-G20TZ is a USB2.0 cable, the power source, a software disk, and a user's manual. This particular package included a non-US plug, so I had to get an adapter to power it. Obviously this wouldn't be the case for when it arrives in the US. That small fact aside, it is a 5V power source that is rated at 2A. This will be responsible for powering the fan, USB ports, and the other components inside of the dock.



With the Titan TTC-G20TZ docking station out of the box, it feels very sturdy and its construction doesn't offer much concern of supporting even a large, heavy notebook. The next page will explore a close up look at the dock, along with the setup and preparations for testing the unit.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing & Setup
  5. Conclusion
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