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Titan Skalli Review



The Skalli from Titan does an admirable job of keeping the i5 750 cool. While not as effective as the Noctua NH-U12, it is not equipped to perform at that level. With only a single fan it performs close to the level of the MUX-120 and outperforms the stock Intel heatsink by a wide margin. This it should do and it does with the greatest of ease. When compared to the Coolermaster Hyper TX 3 the better construction and larger heatpipes end up allowing the Skalli to perform better when the heat is on. By better construction, what I am talking about is the heatsink base. The Coolemaster looked like the heatpipes were just pressed into the aluminum base with no leveling of the heatpipes and base, while the Skalli looks as though the base and heatpipes were machined as one piece to make sure this was not an issue. If I had to find a fault in its construction, I would have to lean towards the beauty caps for the heatpipes. They were held on by a rubbery adhesive packed into the cap instead of an epoxy or something more durable that won’t allow the caps to fall off with just casual contact. This I can somewhat look past as I prefer performance over looks, but for those that have case side windows and like their bling, it does matter. While there is that fault, the positives far outweigh the negative. Simple things that you don’t see all the time such as putting rubber feet on the fan and bushings for the fan retention brackets to reduce the noise penalty to almost nil. Even though the Titan Skalli is not the biggest or baddest kid on the block, it does well when it comes to cooling and just a well with the noise footprint it has. You've got to give Titan props on the efforts to reduce the noise, since I could not hear this cooler running in my case.

****Update Oct 9th 2009****

Titan has made changes to the beauty cap issue and that will be corrected on new heatsinks that are produced. 


  • Quiet
  • Effective
  • Base finish
  • Looks good
  • Noise reduction construction



  • Beauty caps on heatpipes


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