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Titan Skalli Review



To put the Titan Skalli to the test I will be making a comparison of the temperatures at idle and under load, both while the CPU is at the stock voltages and clock speeds, as well as when the CPU is overclocked and over-volted to show what kind of cooling performance that the Titan Skalli has to offer, when compared to other socket 1156 compatible heatsinks. These heatsinks will be tested head-to-head as they are delivered from the manufacturer. I could throw in a bunch of testing variables, but it is not what the products are capable of as delivered. To test the idle temperatures I will allow the computer to stay idle for 30 minutes and take the idle temperature at this point. For the load testing I will use Prime95 version 25.9 and choose the blend testing and allow the processor and memory controller to heat up to the maximum temperatures. The time frame is a four hour run to allow the temperature to peak usually in the 14K test. I will use Real temp 3.0 to take the high and low temperatures and average the temperatures generated over the four cores as my reported temperature.

Testing Setup:


Comparison Heat sinks:







When you look at the results delivered by the Skalli you can see that the results compare favorably with the Hyper TX3 in the stock testing. The Skalli performs 27 degrees Celsius better than the stock Intel cooling solution at the as delivered clock speeds of 2.66GHz on the Intel Core i5 750

When it came to the overclocking section we are not shooting for the moon, but testing with an easy to achieve overclock. In the overclocked testing the Skalli flipped the results when compared to the Hyper TX3 and shed heat more effectively to drop the temperature to 55 degrees Celsius or 28 degrees Celsius lower than the stock cooling solution. Much better results than I had anticipated from a two heatpipe cooler.



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