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Titan Master USB Fan Review


Titan Master USB Fan Closer Look:

Take the fan out of the box and you feel that there is some weight to it. It looks a little top-heavy, like it might be easy to tip over, but it is not. The base is large and heavy enough to keep it firmly planted. The base frame is black anodized aluminum. The rear fan guard is metal while the fan, colored bezel, and front grill are plastic. The blue finish on the bezel is very nice and consistent.
















The side view shows how the fan attaches to the base with two long thumb screws that thread into two formed tabs. The bottom two thumb screws secure it firmly to the base. The top thumb screws hold the bezel on. On the bottom there are two thin rubber pads to protect your desk and keep the fan from sliding around. There are also two clips formed in the base that you can wrap the USB cable around for storage. The bold Titan logo stands out on the lower left of the base.




A nice little feature is the pen / pencil holder integrated into the base frame. A perfect way to keep a couple of your favorite writing utensils ready for action.



So, how well does it work? Plug it in and you see the blades spin, but you won't hear them. Well, you have to put your head right next to the fan to hear it. So it is indeed, very quiet. An interesting feature is the rotating fan frame, which pivots at the center. As the frame rotates, the fins disperse the air in many directions. And this is nice because sometimes you don't want the air directly on you, so when the fan frame spins, it spreads the airflow out over a wider area. The hub (blue center piece) can be screwed in or out to vary the resistance on the rotating frame. Screw the hub in and you can stop the frame from rotating. Loosen the hub and the frame begins to rotate - loosen it more and the frame spins faster.

The fan speed itself is constant and can not be adjusted, however the flow of air that this unit puts out is really just about right. Not too much, not too little. I find that a comfortable distance is between two and three feet to get a nice breeze of air.

The USB power cable is 24" long and this might be a little bit of a problem if you don't have a USB port within reach.


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