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Titan Hati Review



For the overall weight and size of this cooler, the Titan TTC-NC15TZ performs quite well and comes close with the big dogs, such as the Noctua NH-D14 and the Zalman CNPS9900 MAX. It uses a very simple, minimalistic design that helps achieve its light weight. The massive 8mm direct contact heatpipes definitely accelerate the cooling power of this heatsink and help it keep up with the gracious amount of heat that the overclocked i7 920 processor puts out. Granted, judging by the performance of the overclocked load test, anything more than a medium overclock might give it trouble. The reason I say this is because of its small mass and low fin density.

The Titan Hati is a good choice for those who want a mild overclock with a well-performing, medium noise, cooling solution. It is far from silent and louder than many at full speed, but it isn't unbearable at 35dBA. I expected the Titan Hati to be very close to the Fenrir, which has one extra heatpipe, and I'll say that it came near it. If it becomes available at or less than around $40 retail, then the Hati wouldn't be a terrible option versus the Fenrir. Don't expect to be blown away by extreme performance, but you can certainly expect some Fenrir heritage with this cooler. If you're wanting something average and middle of the line, the Hati is perfect. Mid-range cost and mid-range performance at a mid-range noise level is what you'll get with the Titan TTC-NC15TZ Hati. If you're an average kind of person, it's perfect for you!



  • Minimal design
  • Big, 8mm direct contact heatpipes
  • An extra fan makes little difference



  • Not a great finish on the base
  • Installation can be a little tricky due to uneven pressure
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