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Titan Fenrir TTC-NK85TZ (RB) Review



Testing for the Titan Fenrir is performed twice, once at stock and again overclocked, with the results of each setup checked at idle after thirty minutes in Vista, and again after thirty minutes of loading the processor with Prime95. The overclocked speed is 3.33GHz (166x20), and the CPU is set to 1.25V. The averages of the four cores’ temperatures are reported in Celsius using the program Real Temp 3.00. All testing is done inside of a computer case to give realistic temperatures, and all settings should be easily achievable by anyone. Ambient is kept at approximately 20 Celsius. Time to see which coolers can handle the i7’s heat output!

Testing System:


Comparison Heatsinks:







At stock, the Titan Fenrir pulled in the lowest idle temperature, while at load trailed the Noctua by a mere three degrees. Overclocked had the aftermarket coolers tie, while at load the Fenrir took the lead by one degree. The Fenrir performed very similarly to the Noctua heatsink, and could easily allow for a higher overclock, while the Gelid and stock heatsinks are pushing it.

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