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Titan Dragonfly 4 Review


Titan Dragonfly 4 Conclusion:

The Dragonfly 4 is a small, whisper quiet cooler that doesn't smother your motherboard. Install the Dragonfly 4 and you can still get to the various sockets and connectors on your motherboard, and more importantly, the RAM. You can't usually say that with large, monster coolers. A single, very thin 120mm PWM fan is used to provide the airflow through the heat sink, with an option of adding a second fan. At full speed, you can't hear the fan, and I suspect that adding a second fan wouldn't make it any more noticeable. Some coolers sound like you are on an airport runway when the fans spool up, but not the Dragonfly 4.

Cooling performance was at the high end (higher temperature) of the comparison field. Turn up the heat, and the Dragonfly 4 struggles a bit to keep the temps down. The Dragonfly 4 is not likely targeted at systems that are regularly pushed to the thermal limits, so keeping that in mind, if you don't overclock or tax your CPU with a heavy workload for long periods of time, then the Dragonfly can keep up. Adding a second fan may help a little, but air flow is only part of the equation, and a smaller cooler just doesn't have the surface area that a large cooler has. But for cooling that is much better than stock, the Dragonfly gets the job done quietly, and with an unobstructed design.

Titan has done a nice job with the Dragonfly 4. The fit and finish are top-notch, and the installation is clean and easy. For the average user, it delivers good, quiet cooling performance.



  • Light weight
  • Option for two fans
  • Ease of installation
  • Low noise 
  • Motherboard and RAM are still accessible



  • Weak overclock performance


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