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Titan Cool Idol CPU Cooler Review

Price: $48


Are you looking for a new CPU cooler? Maybe yours is not giving you the performance that you wish it were, maybe you are still running the stock cooling solution that came with your processor and you want to begin your venture into the overclocking scene. Every overclocker knows that temperatures are one of the quickest ways to kill your hardware or make your overclock unstable. Well Titan may just have the solution that you are looking for with the release of their CoolIdol CPU Cooler. This cooler is a large heatsink & fan solution that has a total of six heatpipes integrated in its design. I am curious to see if this cooler is going to be able to play with the big dogs or not.

Closer Look:

The packaging for the Titan CoolIdol CPU cooler is quite a busy one as it has a whole bunch of information and pictures all over the place. The front of the package is where you are going to find not only the name of the cooler and it's logo but you are also going to be able to see a picture of the cooler. This is also where you are going to find a whole bunch of information about the CoolIdol; such as it has 6 heatpipes, it has a polished copper base, rubber fan push pins are installed, 12 CM fan, and much more. There is a slogan under the CoolIdol CPU Cooler logo, which reads "Quiet Performance with Maximum Cooling" which suggests that this cooler is going to be able to cool the hottest of processors while not making much noise at all. When you take a look at the back of the package, you are going to see the exact same picture of the CoolIdol and the logo on the top. The bottom section of this side is where you are going to find some of the highlighted features and pictures showing you what they look like and where these features are located. The next side is where you are going to find all of the CPU support information along with a graph showing you the dBA of this cooler vs. the stock Intel cooler as well as temperatures at 38°C ambient temperatures. The final side is where you are going to find installation instructions that are loaded with pictures again, along with a specification chart. 





When you open up the main packaging for the Titan CoolIdol CPU cooler, you are going to find a large clear plastic package to keep the CoolIdol in place during the shipping process. At the bottom of this molded plastic package, you are going to find a cardboard box that holds all of the accessories that you will need to use with the CoolIdol to install it on your system.


Inside the cardboard accessories box, you are going to find all sorts of different parts that are needed for the different popular CPU sockets that you may want to install the CoolIdol on. Included in this box, you will find a tube of thermal paste, in case you were out and need some for the installation, there is also a fan speed controller to manually control the fan speed. There are also the backing plates for both the Socket 775 installation as well as for the AMD sockets. For the installation on an AMD socket, you will need to replace the mounting hardware on heatsink itself. There are many different types of screws that are included and their use depends on the socket type you will be installing the CoolIdol on.




After taking a look at the packaging for the Titan CoolIdol CPU Cooler along with all the accessories that are included, I am quite anxious to see exactly what the cooler looks like and how she will perform.

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