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WolfKing Timberwolf FPS Gaming Keyboard

Price: $44.99


When you hear about someone that put together a killer gaming computer to play all the latest games on, you think about components like the CPU, memory, and the video card. As important as they are, to make it all worthwhile, you need to have the right input devices to give you that gaming edge. Response time is crucial when you are head-to-head with your enemy and that millisecond can make the difference between you or him taking the fall. A great keyboard gives you quick access to the things you need and nothing makes that happen like the WolfKing Timberwolf FPS Gaming Keyboard. For those of you who don't know what a FPS game is, it stands for First Person Shooter, which include games such as Counter Strike, F.E.A.R, and the Battlefield series.

The Wolf King Keyboard was designed to make FPS games easier to play by arranging keys for faster access that traditional keyboards do not offer. According to WolfKing Inc, its products are "Engineered to give you the ultimate experience, its one palm size fits all keys concept makes your movement even more professional and precise as opposed to a standard keyboard. Experts can now play more professionally and beginners will be able to adapt to FPS games much faster and easier."


Closer Look:

The Timberwolf takes WolfKing's original product, the WolfKing Warrior (a circular type keyboard to have beside your regular keyboard), and merges it with a compact version of a full QWERTY keyboard to give you the best of both worlds in one complete package. Now that we have our minds thinking what this looks like, lets take a look at the packaging before we get to the keyboard itself. The front has that gaming feel showing a picture of the keyboard and a Wolf dressed in Desert Camo. The back highlights the features of the keyboard, as well as some review comments.



Now let's get into this box and let the "Wolf" free. The keyboard is secured between foam to keep it well protected. Once it is opened, you can see the way this keyboard differs from normal ones. Included in the package are the Timberwolf Keyboard and a User's Guide in English, French, and Spanish.



Right off of the bat you can see the uniqueness of this device. The main part of the keyboard is compact, without the number pad on traditional keyboards. Instead, the number pad is transferred to the left hand side and expanded to make the "Gaming" portion of this device. The left side has the keys most used in FPS games, so with one hand you can reach for the keys you need and not the ones you don't. The keyboard is made of a rubbery plastic that has a smooth and comfortable feel to it.


On the top of the keyboard there are three LEDs that display power, caps lock, and scroll lock. There are also eight internet "Hot Keys" to aid in web navigating. From left to right, they are browser back, browser forward, stop loading, refresh, search, My Computer, home, and email.



This keyboard has a USB connector. Being USB, it offers something that most other keyboards do not, which is a built-in 2 port USB hub at the top of the board. This is great for plugging in your gaming headset or flash drives without having to stretch the cord to the back of the computer.


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