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Thief Review



Is Thief a game worth picking up from a locked desk drawer (metaphorically speaking)? That is a tricky question to answer. As it sits right now, it is worth getting if you enjoy stealth-based, action-adventure games, only if you can forgive some of its issues. I am thinking mostly of the stuttering performance, though I did list others. I do have faith that it will improve, but just as I cannot guess when that will happen, I also cannot give a compelling recommendation for the game in its current state (for NVIDIA GPU users at least).

In this state, if you enjoy games of this genre and can overlook the technical problems it has, I am very comfortable recommending the game. I cannot recommend Thief to anyone else at this time, though. If you cannot overlook the problems, then of course you should consider waiting to make a purchase. If you do not greatly enjoy this genre, but are willing to give it a try, this is not at the quality I would require to say you should give it a shot. I truly do hope this will change, just I cannot and should not speak to the future of a game, but to how it is now.








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